Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Blackuary 1, 2012 - The Obamessiah Faileth

 As most of y'all remember, this blog was mainly started for the same reason as the Republican Party, to fight racism/slavery the only way that I know how, WITH HUMOR.  Today marks the freakin' SEVENTH anniversary of the blog launch, too.  Dang, seven years old, that's hard to believe. 

Anyhoo, here's the blog archive from February 2005, trust me, it's bad.  Here's my first post about Black History Month needing to go.  You can try the links on some of those posts, but chances are good that none of them still work.  Please go gentle on the critiques of my earlier stuff, I tried.  I failed.

Then, the following year, I found a voice that I wanted to project.  My very first "Blackuary" post is here.  This is STILL the most linked post on Your MoM.  I tried to spread those links out by copying and pasting that post year after year and still the first one ranks higher.  Feh, I give up on that.

The historical aspects of Negro History Week have been long forgotten.  Equality is no longer the goal.  Instead, now, we just make shit up to "celebrate" being black.  I am kinda sick of following that "Progressive" ideology.  You see, while being white is NOT superior to being black, lying and falsifying black achievement does us no good either.

For instance, the Amistad story?  Bullshit.
And as long as I am debunking black history, no debunking would be complete without the Le Amistad. Since nothing of significance having to do with the United States and the Amistad occurred in Blackuary, just indulge me for a minute. At no time EVER did the Amistad head to the United States to sell slaves. They were to be resold in Cuba. The ONLY reason that the Amistad wound up in the United States was because of the slave revolt on board. The United States in its terrible bigotry and hatred of the black race, found FOR the black folks and ordered them returned to their rightful home in Sierra Leone, an AFRICAN slave trading country. The United States forced HISPANIC slavemasters to release their property purchased from BLACK folks.
"Progressive" history is like everything else they attempt, BULLSHIT!!!  Back to the BLOGSHOW!!!
We are getting a monumental dose of overcompensation right now with the WHITEWASH of Barry Obama's actual record as President.  There is no way to paint Obama's record as President other than a colossal failure.  Normal people knew that and we begged idiots not to make that choice.  In case y'all don't remember, despite the number of times I have told y'all, I have been watching the dumbass, Barry Obama, since October 2005.  I also did a partial review of Dreams from my Father, Barry's idiotic, racist screed from 1995.  Good Lord, I have covered this President to the nth degree and NONE of the coverage has been positive.  Over four hundred posts, too.
Now, we are again in an election year and the national media will be quick to claim any negativity toward Barry Obama is RAAAAACISM, so we simply must give the proper response to that charge.  

If you take the few minutes to climb back on Your MoM to January 2009, you will find that the problems we were facing then, have been exacerbated by all the stupidity that has come from the Barry White House.
Dammit, I just went back through every post that  I have written on Barry Obama and missed the one where I said that Obama would bring about race riots in our country.  Of course, that happened in Chicago less than a year after Obama was inaugurated.  Don't just take my word for it, use Teh Google or look HERE.

There are so very many good roundups of Barry Obama material in my archives, that it is impossible to actually choose any of them as the best.  Normal people have done the job of the national media so well during Barry's tenure that there should not be a single person that is unaware of exactly how horribly incompetent Obama has been.  Judging just on the past three years, a person of barely average intelligence would beat Barry to death with a tire iron given the chance.

Anyhoo, again, remember, Democrats are evil, racist, lying dumbasses and they will never be any different.  Never vote for these evil, vile losers.

Good thing that Barry Obama was elected President!

I am NOT a racist, I am an individualist.

And, WELCOME to Blackuary 2012, the 100 Years Too Early Version.

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