Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Blackuary 7, 1478 - The Birth of Sheer Stupidity

On this day in 1478, Saint Thomas More was birthed. I use the title of this blog post not to describe More, but the movement that was spawned from his work of fiction that described "No Place Land."

As a brief aside, Sir Thomas More was executed for refusing to acknowledge Barry Obama as the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church and to bow to Michelle Obama as his Queen. Oh, sorry, I am getting my history mixed up, it was actually Henry VIII (Dumbass-England) and his wife, Anne Boleyn, but it is weird that last week, Barry Obama told the Catholic Church that he was now the Pope.

You see, More's book was written to show the futility of an existence devoid of individual salvation. More actually penned EVERY SINGLE "Progressive" idea in this book to pinpoint the stupidity of it. There are many, many interpretations of More's work of fiction, but NONE come close to being the end-all to the explanation without assuming that More was a moron. Personally, I think that the Catholic Church doesn't offer Saint status to morons, but certainly "Progressives" think that any Catholic is a moron. Just curious, why would every land, geographic notation, or character be named something like, "dispenser of nonsense?" Just can't make sense of that, y'all.

Anyhoo, the book was written and now we have all of the stuff that More pointed out as silly becoming part and parcel of Democrat ideology. You see, Democrats are only capable of embracing stupid stuff and racism will always develop from anything that they embrace. Understand, every time a Democrat passes legislation, Black people die.

And if you are even remotely curious as to what was actually developed as fallout from Sir Thomas More writing "Utopia," consider the writings of the Royal Society and follow the corruption and the leanings toward WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION. Oh, you must connect the dots from a book published in 1516 and the email coverup at the University of East Anglia.

If you can't make that connection, just ask.