Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catholicism, Contraception, and How Freaking Stupid Are Progressives?

Since I have been driving in excess of 250 miles a day, every day, for the past week, I have had a good opportunity to hear the national news on the radio plenty of times. I have heard almost every network play this clip of the moronic Nancy Pelosi and her clown-like statement on the House hearing about Barry Obama trying to throw out the First Amendment and referencing a ridiculously stupid, WRONG statistic on how many Catholic women break doctrine on contraception.

Did you understand that last paragraph?

Ignore that Nancy states that the House was having a hearing on women's health, in fact the hearing was about whether or not the President could simply MAKE A LAW telling Catholics that they had to provide a service or item, that specifically breaks their doctrine, to all of the people that work for their church and the service organizations they run. Firstly, the President CANNOT make any laws, but he can come in and force people to do certain things by Executive Order (FIAT) or by getting one of his goon squad federal agencies to regulate those hideous things into existence. However, I want you to understand that Barry pushing this item on Catholics is exactly like what is going to happen when I am President and force all Muslims to have sex with dogs and pigs. I am going to do it, too! Of course, it won't be really hard to do because most Muslims already screw sheep and camels.

Anyhoo, here's the video. Take it away, Assclown!

Now, is there anyone on Earth that believes that 98% of Catholic women use birth control? If you do, I feel sorry for you because you are retarded. I wonder where in the mortal Hell that number originated? Oh, here's the pdf of the study from Guttmacher. You would think that it is a monumentally huge tome, huh? No, it is just eight pages and the first two are title and index.

Here's what I found about this study's findings. FROM READING IT.

1. The study did not specifically point out that the best means of contraception according to "Progressives" is homosexual men having anal or oral sex.

So, maybe the idiots in the national media, "Progressives," just took that study that was done for no purpose that I can find, (other than to attack Catholics, just read it.) and turned Gutt's silly numbers to attack the Republican controlled House of Representatives that are making baby steps to protect our BILL OF RIGHTS!!!

2. The only women that were polled were ones that had had sex in the last three months, who were not pregnant, postpartum, or trying to get pregnant. (p8, par 4)

Now, if you are "Progressive," the only reason you would get pregnant would be to have an abortion, remember? But, on the three months thingy, most media types would think that was 100% of all women because media types have sex regularly with multiple unknown partners like 176.67% of all stupid "Progressives." This is untrue in reality with PRACTICING Catholics though.

3. The women polled, who affiliated with Catholicism, did not have to actually PRACTICE the religion.

Of all women that have had sex in the last three months and were studied for this joke, 25% said they were Catholic. Of that number, 20% NEVER went to Mass, 26% attended less than once a month, 20% monthly, and 33% went to Mass once a week. (p4 first bulleted list, last item)

4. One thing that no one even mentions, never married women that actually PRACTICE a religion as a group do not throw that monkey around like "Progressive" women. (p4 second column, third bullet, 48% screw)

Guttmacher actually gives you ALL of the data to intellectually make Nancy's statement into the stupidity that it really is.

So, just to recap, of "Catholic" women in the study, who have had sex in the past three months, only one third went to Mass regularly. So, just to recap that, because I actually HAVE a brain, we ignore all Catholic women, 15-44, that are NOT SCREWING. If a single, Catholic woman actually FOLLOWS doctrine, she is NOT screwing to begin with, so Gutt doesn't count her. Wonder why? Because they cannot use those women to help erode our RIGHTS...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot say for certain how many married Catholic women use the Natural Family Planning method of birth control; howevr, I do believe the number is greater than you would like us to believe. NFP is a safe, effective method of birth control endorsed by the Catholic church that more sexually active women should consider since trends reveal that harmful, long term usage of oral contraceptives destroy a woman's ability to fertilize forcing them to take fertility meds such as clomid once a child is desired.
Personally, I wish Pelosi would hop in her private jet and fly to the moon.

Paul Mitchell said...

Anon, I think that women actually following Catholic doctrine ONLY use natural family planning, but what Pelosi actually tried to promote was that 98% of Catholic women do not follow doctrine. Pelosi has also gotten a free pass from the media on her out and out lie.

Anonymous said...

"On the issue of abortion, ...all issues on women's health should be covered in all of the insurance plans that are there." Where exactly is "there", Ms Pelosi? Then, I do believe the former Speaker of the House of Reps uttered the all intelligent slang: "Duh!" Surely do hope I don't miss her enlightening lesson on biology.