Saturday, March 03, 2012

Contradiction, Occam's Razor, and Anal

I cannot count the number of times that I have listened to the bleating of the "Progressives" and had to struggle to keep from drooling from the sheer stupidity that oozes from their cakeholes. Liberals, Democrats, or "Progressives" have one minor little problem, no sane person listens to them because Leftists are freaking stupid.

Instead of simply ignoring the Never-Ending Fountain of Stupidity that is "Progressivism," I think that this is a teachable moment.

On to the BLOG SHOW!!!

This past week, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference to entice really stupid people to start screeching about stupid things. It has worked swimmingly, too.

This is some dumbass named Sandra Fluke on the Special Ed Show. Sandra Fluke was featured in the Nancy Pelosi Moron Hour to talk about her vagina and the very expensive clown car it has become. While normal people would all agree, it is really bad for "Progressives" to replicate and no one ever wants to hear about "Progressives" actually taking their clothes off to do the nasty, it seems that actually coming to the conclusion that giving all of those morons free sterilization would be the intelligent thing to do.

In lieu of providing free contraceptives to the idiots on the Left, I propose that all "Progressives" be forcibly sterilized with taxpayer dollars. OH!!! Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and I are on the same side of this debate, I think. Let's see.

I think that we can all agree that "Progressives" are UNFIT to procreate. But, of course, Margaret Sanger also hated dark people, an ideology with which I cannot agree. I have never been a Democrat, so I just cannot sidle up to their belief that black folks are an inferior race despite the fact that black folks kinda prove that they are less than intelligent by voting for Democrats en masse.

Now, why do I bring these things up? Because the entire ridiculous idea of "Progressivism" is based on contradiction and stupidity. You see, contradictions cannot exist in reality and you would think that even a semi-intelligent person would know that, too. But, there is no idea that the Left holds that is not impossible to accomplish. Pick a topic, any topic, that the Left has an opinion on, and I can show you how it is impossible to achieve with humans still surviving on this planet. When you trace any "Progressive" idea to the end, humans must be gone for the success of that idea. Their brand of environmentalism, their brand of diet, their brand of energy, their brand of economics, their brand of medical care, their brand of foreign policy, ALL are impossible to achieve and still allow a single man to survive.

It just so happens that when President Dumbsicle came up with the idea that forcing the Catholic Church to dole out free contraceptives and abortifacients was a good idea, normal people went all First Amendment on his ass and he looked like the moron that he has proven beyond any doubt that he is. Immediately, other morons went into hyper-drive to cover up the fact that their hero is an idiot. Hence, Nancy Pelosi's presser with the Georgetown Law School street walker thrown front and center to talk about how she was screwing so much that she couldn't afford it.

Ignore the fact that the whole debate was centered on the President making a regulation that restricted the FREE EXERCISE OF A RELIGION.

Now, since I am a solutions kinda guy, I thought that I would give Miss Fluke the solution to her slinging of the LOVE PURSE dilemma. Firstly, there is the 100% Surefire Means of Oral Contraceptive, the blowjob. Secondly, there is the 100% Surefire Means of Groinal Area-to-Groinal Area Contraceptive, anal. Thirdly, there is the 100% Surefire Means of "Progressive" Contraceptive, homosexuality. And lastly, there is the 100% Surefire Means of Occam's Razor Contraceptive, abstinence, until you can afford to pay for your own damned screwing. Or, to put it like Rick Santorum did, an aspirin between your slutty knees. You're welcome, Miss Fluke, there's no charge for the solution to your not getting punished with a baby.

Now some links that I have all foldered up and waiting:

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Jamie Gorelick, the creator of the wall between intelligence agencies that facilitated the Muslim's attack on September 11, 2001, the former Vice-Chairman of Fannie Mae, and one of the saboteurs of the 9-11 Commission, is now on the board of Amazon. (Sorry I was so late posting this because Amazon is down over 4% since her appointment.)

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There is an outcry about high gas prices from the media, but it was in 2008 when gas prices and unemployment were much LOWER and Bush was President.

By the way, it IS a privilege to be an "American." Odd that Geithner's boss wants to change the country for the worse and is succeeding, though.

It is way past time for everyone to SHRUG.

I cannot wait until November, even with the cast of characters that the Republicans are fielding. Like Mitt.

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