Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Define: Insurance

Because sluts continue to talk about "insurance" covering their batteries for their vaginal toys and other nonsense, I thought we could talk about language. Confusing? You betcha.

This is the former Senator from Dumbassachusetts, Teddy Kennedy. Teddy had a sick child back in the early 1970s and being the fabulously wealthy (from inheritance) drunkard he was, he attempted to get everyone some stuff that we used to call pre-paid medical services. At the time we actually had a readily available product called "insurance."

Insurance was what people bought to cover unexpected stuff that could crop up that we could not afford otherwise. We INSURED ourselves in case of catastrophe. Insurance WAS a practice by which a company provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment. But, understand what insurance really is to this day?

What the majority of people have now is a descendent of Kennedy's idiotic plan that used to be called, "Health Maintenance Organizations." Teddy also always favored a single-payer solution to medical services that has never worked anywhere it has ever been attempted. The move toward pre-paid has also guaranteed a H-U-G-E increase of demand of medical services sending medical costs toward the stratosphere. That is exactly what Teddy wanted to do in order to get his single payer plan implemented. Please keep in mind that Kennedy was a Democrat and you have to be a racist moron to be a Democrat. Plus, he was a Kennedy so that means that he was a crooked snake that screwed over everyone he could.

Now, to the point at hand. Please, please, please quit allowing stupid people to call pre-paid medical stuff "insurance." It skews the debate.

One glaring FACTUAL point to understand, mandating contraceptives in pre-paid medical plans is NOT a "women's health issue." It is a political one that stems from the free love movement that should have been stamped out by G_d-fearing (or normal) people the nation over. Take a couple of moments to really think about the degradation of our society and culture for a minute. Sure, the ideology that has begun to create cancers in our country were incubated over one hundred years ago, but it was not until the street riots and killing of the late 1960s that it really began to make an impact on policy.

Have you noticed that the street riots and killing, with the added rape element, have started all over again with the Occutard Movement? Good, then you are actually paying attention.

Now, with the current movement toward ever-increasing issues to be thrown into the mix with our pre-paid medical coverage, it brings to mind a bunch of different Leftard ideas that fail miserably whenever they are attempted.

Rent control. Same thing. Do you know what that has given us? A less than seven percent (<7%) population of black folks in San Francisco and you cannot get a place to live in San Fran for a couple of whiles unless you are loaded. Oddly, just four miles away, in Oakland, where there is NO rent control, the black population is about twenty-eight percent and there is a housing glut. Weird, huh? Now, I know that we are not supposed to worry about the health of men, but as a man, I am concerned about mine. I am worried about MINE. See what I did right there? I am worried about my own health and the costs of MY medical services, because my health is MY business. It is NOT the business of some slut in DC. Sidebar, go read this. Wow, think of the damage to a man's wallet if we get a single payer medical system!

Now, since you are informed on how stupid Teddy Kennedy's and Barry Obama's ideas on medical care really are, I propose a great idea to solve our increasing medical costs. You take care of yours, and keep your hands off my damned wallet, Slut.

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