Saturday, June 30, 2012

The United States Feeds the World

We also are the only country on Planet Earth that will protect the weak. Sadly, profit has never been a motivator for our military actions because if that were the case, there would be no Muslims in charge of the petroleum in the Middle East, amiright? Of course, "Progressives" are so freaking stupid that they continuously keened, "NO BLOOD FOR OIL!!!" Of course, "Progressives" think that profit is a bad thing. They think that because they are morons.

I am posting this because I simply cannot comment about some ridiculously stupid comments made by a moronic school teacher on a friend's FAILbook page. That would probably embarrass her like it did the last time. I love that friend like my own daughter and the brain rot that this teacher has fed her is toxic to her world. My friend might not realize it now (or ever), but to teach anything other than the United States of America is the greatest country ever is down right irresponsible.

Sidebar: The fact that the United States is the greatest country in the history of the world allows all of her citizens to accomplish whatever they decide to accomplish. Why do you think that the Patels own all the hotels?

On to the blogshow!!!

Now, this idiot teacher told his students that the United States is NOT exceptional. At this particular point in time, with President Jughead Clowncar running it into the ground, I kinda agree, but our country will survive Barry Obama, just like we survived Jimmuh Cartuh. Maybe our individual freedoms are being squandered right now, but that shall change as more and more people go hungry and are reality-shocked into abandoning "Hope and Change."

You see, feeding the world is a tall order and quite a few things go into making that happen. New strains of seed, new equipment with which to harvest crops, new techniques for increasing yields, technology, testing, innovation, the list is endless to what is happening daily to feed six billion, nine hundred million people.

What is the possible connection to Professor Dumbass' statements? Well, in order to make these feeding thingies happen, we need fuel. Since the "Progressives" have made it impossible to extract the fuel from the largest reserves known to man in the United States, we have to get that fuel from the Middle East and other Third Century shitholes. To accomplish that, we have to forever fight the Muslims who want everyone to die from starvation rather than get food from the Greatest Country in World History.

Now, for the most part, my posts in the past have been focused on the stupidity and downright humorous blathering from those on the left because I love to point and laugh at those idiots. But, slowly I am coming to realize that more and more people do not possess the intelligence to see the basic problems caused by actions of those on the stupid side of the ideological divide. Why can those good, decent folks not see how stupid "Progressives" are? Because the public school teachers FORCE kids to learn things that are untrue.

Untrue as in, Conservatives are FARRIGHT!!! No, Conservatives are dead center because Obama is far left and total anarchy is far right. That right there is what is called FACT. To state otherwise is to ignore language, definitions of words, and quite simply, reality.

We have to take the initiative to teach our kids to think for themselves if we are not going to hold their teachers accountable. Ignore the fact that we sat idly by while the government made education into a forced torture for our kids.

Let's try this out for a spell. Burning anything certainly changes the quality of the air around us, but is that the worst thing ever? Of course not. Drowning while on fire is the worst thing. We simply have to accept the fact that there are no two things that are mutually exclusive and we have to choose to do the thing that kills less people. Seems simple, right?

So, when the United States went to the Middle East to bomb Iraq back two weeks into the Stone Age, we were simply doing it so we could continue to feed all the starving kids in Africa. Was destroying Iraq a GOOD thing? Of course not, but it was necessary to continue to feed all the kids in Africa. But, the Iraqis did invade Kuwait to begin with, was that a good thing? No, Iraq invaded Kuwait to get more oil and make more kids in Africa die from starvation. Is the United States exceptional for freeing Kuwait? You damn skippy.

The point that I am trying to make is that we have allowed a bunch of unintelligent, America-hating "Progressives" to teach our kids that we are wrong for doing the right thing and that we are the same as everyone else in the world.

Those imbeciles are dead wrong, the United States is certainly better than the rest of the world. Oh, and if the rest of the world takes offense to reading the truth, maybe they should try to suck a little less.

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