Friday, November 29, 2013

My Apologies to TSUN (I was wrong!)

I just wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to my friends from TSUN. I have trash talked y'all unmercifully since I was about four years old. I picked We Suck to win the Battle for the Golden Egg by seventeen points this year. I made that call back in July, not because We Suck was so very good (because they aren't), but because TSUN was so very bad.


Last night we learned exactly how bad TSUN is. Bo Wallace, the Junior "quarterback" for TSUN, had a whopping 18.2 QBR. Seriously. TSUN's offense crossed midfield but three times, once only to the 48 yard line. The two trips to the RED ZONE netted one field goal because TSUN missed like a 26 yarder or something.

The Four Letter continually referred to TSUN's "high powered" offense this year because you have to be an insaniac to work at The Four Letter. Get this, TSUN is ranked 28th and 43rd in passing and rushing, respectively. We Suck is ranked 55th and 48th. H-U-G-E difference, huh? Last night, they combined for the yardages that each team was averaging per game. Great job.

Now, about We Suck. If I had the power, Dan Mullen would have been given his final check midway through the second quarter (of the Oklahoma State game!!!). This dude was brought to We Suck to bring the offense. HO-LEE SHEE-IT!!! We Suck has less than 3000 yards passing on the year.

Finally, I am already predicting the score from next year's match-up in Klansingtonville between TSUN and We Suck. We Suck by fourteen.

Oh yeah, CROOM!!!

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