Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Please Keep Your Bedroom Out of the Middle of the Street and MacApple Blasphemy

I know that I have pretty much stopped posting on this blog and for that I am truly sorry. I enjoy blogging, I really do, but I want to become a scratch golfer again. Knockdown eight irons take time.

Anyhoo, I actually listened to a few minutes of the Rush Limbaugh program today and he made me so angry that I had to vent. Disclaimer: I listen to Rush about five minutes a week when RAP!!! music comes on the country stations I receive. Rapping is not country music, folks. Correction, rapping ain't music at all.

While I have this publish window open, I wanted to do some gay-bashing, too. Disclaimer 2: I am a graduate of the College of Architecture at Mississippi State University. To date, I am the only heterosexual male graduate of that college. I am sure that some of the chicks that attend that college are gay too, but there is no way to tell that. Most of the chick architecture students dress like homeless people, so they all look like Buffarillo O'Donnell all the time, anyway. Furthermore, I work in the architecture industry and have never met another straight male in my chosen profession. Object all you want, you closet-dwellers and those of you in cover marriages.

Here's the gay skinny. There are currently two states in the United States of America, of which I am aware, that are currently working on legislation to keep from forcing Christian businesses from having to promote Un-Christian lifestyles. This falls in line with that pesky First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. In case you are unaware, being gay is NOT a religion, even though some gay folks act like it is. Think about how "courageous" Michael Sam is, folks. His courage comes from what he prefers to do in the privacy of his own bedroom. True courage from Michael Sam comes the minute he looks at an angry one up close on national television. It does not take courage to admit that you are gay in these times because you are immediately deemed "courageous." Hell, you can hump remote controls all day and draw welfare and are deemed "courageous" because you are breaking free from your heteronormal RAAAAACISM!!!

Now, in regards to the legislation to keep Christians from having to promote homosexuality, many differing opinions have been bandied about trying to justify FORCING someone to break the tenets of their religion. (Sidebar: The funniest opinion was about religions that are against interracial marriage. I think that the only religion that adheres to that tenet is The Nation of Islam, but I could be wrong.) Just so you know, that is against the First Amendment because it absolutely changes the "free exercise thereof" language in that amendment. This argument should trump anything that gay folks can argue. Your sexual preferences do not force me to give up my free exercise of my religion, sorry. I am endowed that right from my Creator and then guaranteed that right in the Constitution, and your chosen behavior doesn't affect that FACT.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So, shut up and buy your cake somewhere else. Try the Muslim bakery down the street, if they haven't blown it up yet, that is bound to go swimmingly.

What Rush did today that got me so bent out of shape was argue for the benefits of giving tax breaks to businesses to locate certain places. Having to even broach this topic proves that Rush thinks that most people are stupid, but the caller was obviously one of those stupid people.

Once again, businesses DO NOT PAY TAXES, people. Technically, that tax money is filtered through the business, but if a business doesn't pass that overhead cost on to its customers, it will surely fail from LACK OF PROFIT.

With feeling, "PROFIT IS GOOD!"

Think about sales tax, people. Any business is usually required to collect sales tax on any product or service that it distributes or performs. That tax is right on the bottom of your receipt, too. But, property taxes that the business pays are also on your receipt as well. It just so happens that it is figured into the price of that item that you are purchasing before that item is placed on the sales floor. All taxes levied on any business are figured right there into the cost of the things that you are purchasing.

Quite simply, if you are arguing for increased taxes on corporations or businesses, you are simply asking to pay more for that item. Because you are a freaking moron.

Minimum wage is a tax, too. If the government forces me to pay Rahim twenty dollars an hour to taste test my company's breath mints, those breath mints are going to be pricey until I can figure out how to build a machine to taste test breath mints. Then Mr. Rahim is going to be dumpster diving again and his breath is gonna be rank, yo! Never let it be said that I did not let y'all know this one little fact, TRUE minimum wage is ZERO. President Failboat has been wildly successful in teaching us that, too. Of course, he is too stupid to understand what horrible damage he and his ilk have done to this country and employment. Hey, but remember when he was against "gay marriage?" Weird, huh?

Anyhoo, again, the corporation that Dummy MacStupidass was whining about on Rush was MacApple. Seems they got a bunch of tax breaks to move a facility into a certain area. Now that governmental body, that offered the tax breaks, is trying to renege on the promised breaks to help pay for additional infrastructure. Nope. A big, ol' bucket of nope. MacApple ain't playing it and said they'd be leaving if that happens. If MacApple bails, good for them. I hope they bring in workers from outside the area to dismantle the building and move it, too, then default on the property taxes. Then, the infrastructure upgrades are not needed, right? So, government just killed jobs and infrastructure upgrades, too, right?

Oh, very rarely does government do anything good for anyone, but that should go without saying to people that read my ramblings.

(Image above is the quarterback tryouts for the uSCCC Trojans a few years ago. On the left is Matt Leinart and I think that the other one is Carson Palmer, but I could be wrong. But, Michael Sam is the first gay person to declare for the draft. R-I-G-H-T!)

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