Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hate Didn't Kill Those Christians in South Carolina

Since I drive from Pike County, Mississippi to Jacktroit, Mississippi to work* every day, I am forced to listen to absolute stupidity on the radio for minimally two hours a day. You see, my disc player doesn't work in my free car! I guess you get what you pay for, huh?

Anyhoo, I am helpless to avoid the ridiculousness from hideously stupid people screeching about their princess feelings of OFFENSE! all of that radio time. SO. TIRED. OF. IT.

People, can we have an adult conversation at all during the terrorist reign of "Progressivism?"

Let me refresh your memory a bit. In October of 2008, I told y'all that if you elected Barry Obama that he would set race relations back one hundred years and that we would have race wars.

Okay, I'll stop for a minute to let y'all tell me how right I was.

Do I blame Barry Obama for the race wars that have been going on since 2010? Of course not, Barry is too stupid to know what he is doing. Remember, he picked Joe FREAKING Biden as his Vee-Pee to make himself look smart by comparison.

Who do I blame? Us. The normal people that get up every morning and go to work, feed our families, and never bathe our dogs. We have allowed the dumbest of the dumb to be Peter Principled into becoming our rulers. Folks, we have pre-paid medical services demanded by our government at double the cost and half the service of what we had just two years ago!

Now we have the entire nation going beeezerkers over Dylann Roof (snowballing into the ridiculous flag puking!) and it has finally pulled me out of my hibernation.

Did anyone stop to think that Roof shot up a church? Hells to the naw, it has to be a Black church. The important thing to the "Progressive" cult is the color of the people killed. But, WAIT!!! What about #chiraq? If Black people getting killed was important, really, why aren't the race hustlers on color tee-vee every night talking about the Black folk getting dead in Chicago? Oh, because those folks are just getting killed by other Black folk. I guess that is okay. It is just more of the typical political gamesmanship that we always get from "Progressives."

Of course, we knew that we would hear about guns after this. Yes, we all know that is a strawman, but let's hit it for a minute.

MURDER IS ILLEGAL, YOU MORONS!!! Do you think that making guns totally illegal (and all of them gently tossed into space) will make murder stop? Dude, Cain killed Abel with a rock. It is the man that kills. Oh, hippos kill, too, but they are almost as stupid as the current President. No, really they aren't.

Can I solve the murder and violent crime crisis? Easily. Put convicted murderers to death. Quickly. That means within a year or so, not forty years later. You can argue that the death penalty does not deter crime, but I shall ask, "Um, then why way back when we were ending the lives of murderers, was violent crime a fraction of what it is now?" Answer, please?

Since we have not taken the time to stop the nonsense from figures of authority for so long, we cannot blame anyone for the state of the country except us. Yes, I know we have more important things to do other than point out that Bruce Jenner is a sick man and needs help instead of being heralded as a hero/heroine by idiots. His/her/ambiguous other's family must really, really be messed up and hard. Oh, and do not even get me started on that white chick in Washington posing as a Black woman. People actually said, on national television no less, that maybe she really IS Black. I slapped myself unconscious with THAT facepalm.

I can honestly say that never in the history of mankind have so many morons, idiots, and imbeciles been given the reigns of power. Even during the Woodrow Wilson administration there were actual Democrats that were not morons. Oh, don't get me wrong, they were always racist power-mad thugs, but at least they had a clue what they were doing. Jimmuh Cartuh was not as stupid as the "Smartest President in History" and that is saying a mouthful.

Now, how do we right the Ship of Fail that we have sailed? Well, we simply say, "Pull your pants up, moron, your underwear is showing." Or, "Jimmy Bob, come here, I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap." Or, "Please quit protesting for fifteen dollars an hour so you can drop that basket of fries in that lard, Einstein." Or, "The temperature of the Earth is LOWER than it was fifteen years ago, Global Warming is NOT. A. THING."

Now, about the flag. Yes, I care. Not because I am a racist, but because you do not give children candy when they throw a hissy fit, you take your belt off and give them a reason to cry. When this whole fabricated racist episode dies down and you want to calmly talk about being "offended," I shall entertain your reasoned arguments. I probably won't agree with your offense, but I will at least listen to you with an active mind.

No, Jamal, the Tennessee Battle flag is NOT oppressive and offensive, your lack of knowledge of history is.

Again, hate did not kill those Christians in South Carolina. A murdering imbecile named Dylann Roof did. Do I really care why? Well, only to give a jury more of a reason to put him to death. Of course, I'll be dead from old age before that happens because of "Progressive" ideology that has rendered the death penalty a farce.

No, "Progressives" have never solved a problem ever in their history, but HEY! being "Progressive" is cool and stuff to stupid people.

*Look it up, Democrats, but have some tissues nearby, it'll make you cry and stuff

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