Thursday, September 17, 2015

On the Current State of the Nation, the World, and Paulland (#clockboylivesmatter)

Those of you that have been around since the beginning know who I am and what my life is like. I have struggled, just as we all have, to live a life that was happy, carefree, and fun. Such is the title of this blog, a tongue-in-cheek reference to a comment I made over ten years ago about not caring about poor people.

You see, in this country, the greatest in the history of the world, "poor" people drive brand new SUVs, have big screen color tee-vees, eat seven meals a day, and educate all of their children. In other words, they are by definition, NOT POOR.

Anyhoo, I have not posted on this blog like I used to because life has gotten in the way. (See photo, I got a job as a cat herder.) The only time that I post now is when something disturbs me to the borderline of having an aneurysm. Of course, the only time that happens is when a "Progressive" opens his/her/ambiguous others mouth. No, it is not every time that I hear one of THEM say something stupid that I feel that pressure building in my brain, it is only when certain things happen that I have to relax that pressure.

The clock boy brought that up yesterday. Well, the utter skull vomiting about Moslem "racism" brought that up yesterday.

If you take a stroll across the past of this country and the world since our founding, every bad thing that has ever happened has been caused by Democrats, morons, liberals, and "Progressives." But, I repeat myself, so I'll just call them "Democrats." Slavery? Democrats. Ku Klux Klan? Democrats. Internment camps? Democrats. Jim Crow Laws? Democrats. Vietnam War? Democrats. Firehoses and police dogs on civil rights marches? Democrats. Abortion? Democrats. Every assassination and assassination attempt to kill a President? Democrats. Race riots in cities? Democrats. The explosion of Moslem terrorism around the world? Democrats. Levees failing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi? Democrats. The utter failure of our education system? Democrats. The huge federal debt and the devaluation of our currency? Democrats. The death, destruction, and slaughter of Christians in the Middle East? Democrats. The militarization of our police forces? Democrats. The murders and shoot-em-ups in our schools and public places? Democrats. The complete and utter waste of resources combating non-existent global warming? Democrats. The destruction of the intact family? Democrats. The list is literally endless.

Democrats do these things because they hate themselves, and because they are so very evil, they simply have to hate every other person on planet Earth. See how that works?

You see folks, normal people know that nothing is ever mutually exclusive. Example? Okay. The removal of anything that can remotely reference an Almighty G_d from public spaces has caused a reduction in people that obey that Almighty G_d. Another? Sure, give a bunch of people everything that they need to survive, even though they are perfectly capable of providing for themselves, and they will never hit a lick at a snake again. Another? Sure, slaughter untold thousands and millions of babies, and you devalue human life to the point of no return. Another? Sure, teach children that they are Pretty Princesses, and they will forever think that they are Pretty Princesses without so much as a Royal Family on which to fall back. Another? Sure, drug a kid to the drooling point and let them listen to ghetto rap and let them play hours of first person shooters, and you have created a drugged-out monster that will kill as a first instinct.


Yesterday, we experienced a minor happening that ended with a fourteen year old boy getting handcuffed and taken out of school. Is he Moslem? He said he is, so I accept that. Did he bring a weird looking thing into school and hide it in his backpack after he was told to do that? According to him, he did. Did a teacher freak out because that thing started making noises? Of course. So, we MUST agree to all those statements. Now, on to the BLOGSHOW!!!

Democrats have always fomented a culture of hatred, bigotry, discontent, and violence. That is who Democrats are by design. History proves this point beyond any doubt, it is incontestable. Zero Tolerance Policies in our schools were designed, coordinated, and implemented by Democrats, that is also incontestable. Did this boy violate those Zero Tolerance Policies? I don't know, was this clock made out of a Pop-Tart? Was this clock made out of a five year old's finger? Was this clock drawn on a piece of paper with a pencil?

There are literally hundreds of incidents of WHITE kids getting expelled, suspended, arrested, and detained because of the Democrat's idiotic Zero Tolerance Policies, but NOW! Yes, NOW! We finally got a Moslem boy that built a clock and Democrats immediately cry "RAAAAACISM!!!!"

SHUT UP, MORONS. You do not have the required two brain cells to rub together to provide true outrage.

I am offended. Not only that, but this is exactly like the blacklivesmatter movement or the Catastrophic Global Warming movement that ignores all facts, logic, and rational thought. We simply must, must, must get all over normal WHITE people performing their normal duties with intelligence and their desire to turn back the tide of Democrat stupidity.

The little, Moslem boy acted just like the stereo-typical Democrat to police officers, too. He was an offended Pretty Princess. Seriously, in a sane world, the boy would have been sent to the office, beaten all about his narrow behind, made to run wind sprints, and then sent to the library to write 1,000 times, "I will not be a moron and I will not support the Democrat Party."

Problem solved.

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