Thursday, December 03, 2015

Brawndo - The Thirst Mutilator

Please remember, this blog was built by a dude that is struggling daily to become the man that I am supposed to be. Past posts are quite a bit language-y and for that I am not ashamed. Much. You should be warned that if you delve into the posts from the past, things might get a little...harsh, shall we say?

While I have tried like the dickens to ignore the Global Moslem Uprising we all knew was happening twenty-five years ago, I simply cannot avoid addressing Barry Obama's (and all of his sycophants) apparent childlike suicidal/homicidal outbursts of late. Because make no mistake, either Barry is trying to get normal people killed or he is trying to get killed himself.

Remember when everyone kept saying that Barry Obama was quite possibly the Smartest President in History™? I have cranked up the Big Brain on Me over the last couple of days and tried to figure out why this Sooper-Dooper smart guy thinks like he does.


The news from the past nine hundred-five years (905) has not been positive with regard to the Moslem (Religion of Peace) growth worldwide. The current (and Smartest in History!) President has been quick to point out that Christians (Flying Spaghetti Monster worshipers) have had their own violent past and he (in his infinite wisdom) references "The Crusades." Most younger people, those that have not had a decent education, think that "The Crusades" was a movement from the Vatican to slaughter those BROWN people in the Middle East. What "The Crusades" were about, in truth, was to beat back the slaughtering hordes of Moslems Hell bent on taking over the world, circa 1095.

Why certainly there were YUGE! errors in judgment by "The Crusaders," but such is the very nature of WAR. While I have never had the misfortune of participating in WAR, I am not a moron and can quickly determine that when one is tasked with a Killing Project, mistakes will often be made. Warriors are given a task and part of that is to make sure that they survive to continue toward task completion. An example? Why certainly.

If I were tasked by the TSA to make sure that dangerous people were not allowed to travel in my sector, I would certainly NOT choose to make travel difficult for certain segments of the traveling population, I would focus the majority of my attention on other particular parts of the traveling population. This is really simple. I would look for men, in the prime of their lives, that appear to be of a particular ethnicity. Then I would ask them to draw Mulehammit. This is not RAAAAACISM, per se, it is called "Profiling." Yes, yes, yes, I know that some people of lesser intelligence think that this is bad, but we should not listen to the "wisdom" of people that think fast food workers need to make fifteen dollars an hour. We should not listen to them because they are stupid.

Now, please understand, the words "Moslem" or "Islam" were basically unknown to the entire world until the 1600s because this was not considered a "religion," it was simply a bunch of slaughtering, evil, "Progressive" men, that were not attractive (and smelled like OUTSIDE), trying to take over the world and force females to submit to their deviancy. In the modern understanding, the one that argues that Christians are evil and should be stopped, "Moslems" are considered to be "Peacemakers." These "modern" folks are the very same people that think Barry Obama is smart.

You see, those people are stupid.

In recent history, (let's just call them "Imbeciles" because that is what they are) Imbeciles want to remove decency and goodness from our planet. Why would they want to do that? Because they think that they are birthed to this world for the sole purpose of having a good time with no consequences. "Imma git mine! or "We Own Strike!" Everything that they believe is geared toward taking things that do not belong to them and using those things as their own. By the way, since Barry Obama pointed out that the United States of America is the only place where mass violence occurs, check out this list of mass violence that has only occurred in the United States of America since the 1980s. I am absolutely positive that removing guns from the hands of law-abiding US citizens would have thwarted every, single one!

Ever since this blog was launched, I have spent the majority of my time arguing a certain philosophy, the ONLY philosophy, that leads to personal success and achievement. Yes, Snowflake, it is most definitely about living your life in the manner that leads to WINNING at life. My philosophy leads to intellectual, physical, personal, and spiritual success in your life. The Smartest President in History™ has a philosophy that leads to failure, destruction, chaos, and death.

Why is it so hard to actually take the words and actions of the Imbeciles and show them to other Imbeciles so they can determine their individual wrongness? Well, quite simply because they are Imbeciles. However, it is our duty, to our fellow man (this implies "woman," too), to continually point out to them the quite obvious (to people of normal intelligence) nature of their wrongs. Yes, this is increasingly difficult to do, given the Imbeciles lack of intellectual curiosity, but it is our Great Commission. Sorry, normal folks, I know that it is frustrating beyond all reason that we have to continue to hammer home the point that Moslems want to rape, pillage, plunder, slaughter, and steal, but such is the nature of DOING THE RIGHT THING.

We normal people also have to perpetually engage people that are DOING THE WRONG THING because we have to attempt to make this a better place for humanity. As long as man (this implies "woman," too) has existed on this planet, there have been men (this implies "women," too) that have tried to make this planet worse. It has to do with the nature of man (this implies "woman," too). Yes, we are all fallen and can only turn in one direction to attempt to get back up. As we head into this time of the year, it is our duty to make sure that everyone around us is aware who we are and why we do the things that we do, sometimes with great effort.

Now, because it is so important, my prayers are going out to all of the Imbeciles that have no intellectual firepower to understand the importance of my prayers. By the way, I am praying for all you normal folks that do understand that importance.

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