Monday, February 20, 2017

Well, Because I Haven't Made Everyone Mad Today!!!

Every so often, I drop back in here to swing for the fences with my cluebat. Today was an especially tough day because of Washington's birthday being observed. There was a never ending stream of news articles, radio commercials, and posts on media about the imaginary "President's Day" and it got to me. By the way, even the moonbats' go to "fact-checker," Snopes, finds President's Day to be FALSE. Just saying.

Anyhoo, the thing that normally gets my cooker going is the "debate" about Democrats. Having grown up in Mississippi during integration, I kinda know a little bit about Democrats. Yeah, I know, I know, crazy people will always tell you that by some Big Bang, the parties switched people and ideologies. Oddly enough, you can find some folks that have swapped parties, but for the most part, that number is really, really small. And for the most part, the ideologies are the very same as they have always been, just somehow those corrupt and racist ideas of Democrats are now good things!

To compound matters, there are actually people in this world that think that Hillary Clinton, the wife of a corrupt, impeached President, would have made a good President. Folks, I am not at all reluctant to tell you that you are utterly incorrect on that. There is not one redeeming quality about Hillary Clinton. The fact that the Democrat Party actually allowed her in the party at all should tell you that they are not good folks. By the way, did you know that Hillary Clinton spent nearly a billion dollars to lose the race to a man that until recently was a Democrat, has virtually no morals whatsoever, is perfectly orange with disco hair, and "only" spent 531 million to beat her? Add to that a national media that could not find a single thing wrong with her, the President at the time spending untold pallets of tax money campaigning for her, and not a single bit of good press for her opponent other than for Sean Hannity and Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit?

How would you like to be told that the only people allowed to talk positively about you were Sean and Jim?

If you want more on why you should run screaming from the Democrat Party, I have compiled about 229 reasons. Some of those reasons are laced with harsh language, so earmuffs ON!

Now, having avoided making my school teacher wife mad for all of 42.5 minutes today, I thought I would change that luck.

In the cozy little hamlet where I reside, there is a school bond issue up for a vote. Please understand, I do NOT technically live in the district, the curtain climbers under my roof attend that school because their momma teaches there. Having limited knowledge of what that bond issue covers other than trying to sorta rearrange and expand the schools into the old school compartmentalization, I thought I would roll out an opinion on education and funding in general. YAY! ME!

Judging by the Mississippi numbers, North Pike spends less per pupil than the vast majority of school districts in the state, about $7334.06, give or take. Only three districts spend less. Nineteen school districts have a better rating, but they have A's and NP has a B. An absolute ZERO school districts have a failing rating. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?! I know I saw JPSD on that list!

Also, I am not too sure how meaningful that rating is because I don't know if they follow any of the students after they leave school. Just so you know, I really don't gauge success of an education until that student hits the age of thirty or so. If they are still Democrats, they FAIL. I like my metric better than school test scores.

All that fluff said, I do not have any issue with a local school district putting a bond issue to the population at large to see if they want to spend some money to expand their school. That is how government SHOULD work. In case you're wondering, the most recent numbers that I can find show less than 3000 students at North Pike. That means North Pike spends about 22 million dollars a year on students. About half of the students are on the free lunch program, but that money comes from social services. There are about 150 teachers in the schools, which breaks down to a 20:1 student to teacher ratio.

What I have a huge problem with is this. In 2011, the state of Mississippi, FINALLY, after 141 years, seated a majority Republican Legislature. Yeppers, y'all thought that Mississippi was Republican through and through, but you were wrong! Just so you know, I am not so much a Republican as I am Anti-Democrat.

Since that 2011 election, we STILL have a state hissy-fit going on about the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. Do y'all realize that Mississippi's expenditure on education makes up 35.2% of the state budget? For your information, 30.1% of the state budget is spent on welfare programs. Soooooo, 65.3% of expenditures in Mississippi are for two things. That means that our state government spends 13.32 BILLION dollars a year on just those two things. By way of comparison, we spend 2% on corrections and 7.1% on roads. There is also an undefined 25.5% spent on other things. (In case you're mathing right now, that only adds up to 99.99%, so I assume they just put 0.01%, which is 2.04 MILLION, on the roof of the car and drove off with it up there.)

Are we spending enough to "adequately" educate Mississippi's school children? Unquestionably, YES. You simply cannot debate that and appear sane to a sane person.

Sidebar, do y'all remember when Democrats in Mississippi legalized gambling? You remember how that was a panacea for our schools? Do you also remember that the lying scumbags in the Democrat Party never earmarked gaming revenues for education? Did you know that those lying scumbags actually took that 12% gaming tax, designated 8% of it for the general fund and sent the other 4% to the five counties where the casinos were built? So, can you do that math to find out how much goes to the other 77 counties in Mississippi? WHAT ABOUT THE SCHOOLS?!?!?!?! (Get ready for the Republicans to suggest Da Lottry as the next, best panacea for the schools! This will be the one time that the Dillweed Employment [read "union"] Attorney from Oxford teams up with Republicans because Education Matters!)

This whole diatribe above was to let you know that your government is going to lie to you. It's better to have the ones in your hometown doing that lying because you can take care of it yourself. With a tubesock. Full of pennies.

Oh well, I don't know anything about education or math or Democrats or anything. Never mind.

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