Sunday, May 14, 2017

Because Only Morons Are Democrats!!!

This is Corrine Brown of "Go Gata" fame. She is a moron. She is a Democrat. But, I repeat myself. While this woman is an absolute paint-licking idiot, she is also one of the "GOOD" Democrats because she is about to be locked up in prison. As I always say, not all criminals are Democrats, but ALL Democrats are criminals.

They are also lying scumbags that are a scourge on our planet. Normal people should have made being a Democrat illegal after the Civil War, but they were too busy trying to put their lives back together after the Democrat Party tried to rip our country apart.

Of course, anyone with an IQ over forty already knows these FACTS.

On to the BLOGSHOW!!!

Democrats, "morons" to people that are not morons, have taken to the airwaves to compare The Trumperoid firing James Comey to the Watergate debacle or maybe even worse. Democrats wanted him fired last November because he alluded to something everyone else already knew, Hillary Clinton is a criminal that jeopardizes national security and should be in prison.

But, The Trumperoid firin' Comey is WORSE than WATERGATE!!!

You know what? Watergate was NOT even Watergate. Do you even know what Watergate was about? Of course you don't and that is what I am going to clear up for you.

You have to start with a single premise. Democrats are evil people that have always wanted to steal your money and enslave you. If you do not know these FACTS, then you are not informed. No, there has never been a single good idea come from the Democrat Party. A stopped clock is right twice a day, but that is twice more than any Democrat has ever been.

The "Watergate Scandal" as it has come to be known was a break in of the Democrat National Headquarters located in the Watergate Hotel. The Democrats had their national headquarters in a hotel so they could have them some fun time with pages and interns, little girls AND boys, and never have to leave the office. Yes, there were all kinds of horrible things going on at the DNC at the time, as always, but we have to hear about some guys breaking in to bug them. Wonder why President Nixon wanted to bug a hotel where Democrats hung out in the first place?

Well, it wasn't because he was worried about not being popular, was it? He won the election with an Electoral College vote of 520 - 17. (Sixth biggest margin in history. FDR being the only Democrat in the top 10, BTW, and we all know what a horrible man he was.) He beat George McGovern and Maria Shriver's daddy so badly that their mothers never talked to them again. NOT KIDDING, EITHER.

Sidebar: 1972 also had Democrat Shirley Chisholm running for the Democrat nomination, but she got her head stuck between some stair balusters and couldn't even vote for herself!!! The first major female candidate for President HAD HAD HAD to be a Democrat and too stupid to not get her head stuck somewhere.

You see, you have to realize that the job of the President is to protect the United States of America. That means to keep an eye on the most criminal elements in the country. That means DEMOCRATS. At one time, I pulled crime stats and poured over them for seconds. It doesn't take someone with a doctorate in statistics to quickly see where all the crime occurs. IN MAJORITY DEMOCRAT AREAS. Take 45 seconds to check that out. Look at areas where Hillary Clinton won the Presidential race in 2016. It done blowed up with crime, yo!!! Ignore the FACT that Democrat elected officials go to jail at a rate eight TIMES that of Republicans, too. That's just a scratch on the surface, remember, most of the judges are Democrats, too!

Now, you also have to take into account that at the time of the Watergate "burglary," the Democrats were rioting in the streets trying to surrender in Vietnam. You know why they wanted us to surrender? Because they didn't want the United States to win against Communism. Do you know what Communism is? Read the platform of the Democrat Party and you will understand. Really stupid people require other people to tell them what to do with their lives. It's because Democrats are so stupid, that their leaders seem intelligent by comparison.

HEY! Remember when Democrat Chris Matthews said that Democrat Barry Obama was quite possibly the smartest President we had ever had? HEY! Remember when people with more than two brain cells knew that Barry Obama drank from the toilet because he was too stupid to work a kitchen tap?

Anyhoo, enough about how stupid Democrats are. In the future, when there is an appearance of impropriety in the White House, instead of comparing it to Watergate and a President that resigned, why don't we compare it instead to Democrat Bill Clinton actually getting impeached for lying under oath to keep a woman from having her day in court?

Also, ignore the FACT that Bill Clinton raped at least two women and possibly more. Instead, let's pretend the worst crime is breaking into the DNC to keep tabs on Communist sympathizers!!!

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