Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Drive-by Blogging - Nothing is Mutually Exclusive

I have been hammering home a point for as long as I can remember, NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING is mutually exclusive. Therein lies the problem with "Progressives." They only see the single problem to which they have turned their hideous gaze. Everything that is affected by their idiotic single-mindedness be damned! FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Here's a short butcher's list of how morons operate. The lowest paid employee doesn't make enough to support a family of twelve, so let's give him free food, a free home, free clothing, and a free education! Ignore the fact that for as long as we have been doing that, poverty has not been reduced a single percentage point. You would think that after fifty-three years, the poverty rate would go down at least a smidgen, but you would be wrong. It's because the federal government keeps RAISING the threshold to be classified as poor. It's funny though, "poor" people in the RAAAAACIST, fascist United States all have enough food to make them obese, sometimes numerous cars or SUVs, 75" flat-screen color tee-vees, and iPhones, but somehow they are still classified as "poor." As long as something is not rigidly defined (words mean something, you know) you cannot solve the hiccups along the way.

And let's keep spending more and more tax money on the poor, it AIN'T cost nuffin'!

Here's another fact that not one person can dispute, raising minimum wage makes everyone poorer. You see, when you take an arbitrary number and throw it at the least skilled person that you can find, without raising the salaries of the non-idiotarian, you make the non-idiotarian pay MORE for the very same things that they must purchase. The only people that experience, at BEST, a zero sum game, is the least capable worker you have. All of your more skilled employees have just taken it in the shorts to make the least capable employee THINK that you did something for him. Just so people with less than average intelligence understand, $10.00 buys more when minimum wage is $1.00 an hour than when it is $7.25 an hour. If you need further instruction on how that can be possible, email me at meanolmeany@gmail.com and maybe we can set up some anti-idiotarian lessons with my trusty, ol' cluebat.

Now, both of those topics have been geared to point out problems that are ALLEGEDLY experienced by "The Poor," yet everything that is done to attempt to alleviate the problem hurts everyone BUT the poor, which are not helped at all, anyway. Facts are curious things, huh?

So, how do we really help the poor? Of course, the answer is to teach them to do things that UNpoor people do. Simple, right? It actually is, but FIRST we must agree what UNpoor people do.

First thing: DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN YOU MAKE. That seems simple, but to someone that has never had to work to survive, that is very hard to understand. If you (and your mama, and your grandmama, and your great grandmama) are on food stamps, housing assistance, education grants, etc., you might have no clue how much you actually make! Or you might not know the weight of the yoke you place on the people that are literally carrying you.

Second thing: If you want to buy something that you cannot afford currently, you either have to make more money or SAVE MONEY for that thing.

Third thing: Whopping buttloads of money are not going to make you happy, except in the short term. If your contentment depends on a free-flowing fountain of unlimited money, you have no chance to experience what peace truly is. Wonder why the majority of lottery winners are bankrupted quickly? Could it be that mainly poor people buy lottery tickets and by definition do not know how to handle money?

Quickly to make a point, in Mississippi, Median HOUSEHOLD Income is $36,919.00. So, if you get a Bachelors Degree in Education, according to the current pay scale, a teacher with ZERO years of experience makes $34,390.00 a year. Almost the total median income for a FAMILY!!! WOW! Teachers are raking in the jack!

Of course, their salary doesn't buy much because Minimum Wage is $7.25 an hour! And, oddly enough, nobody's salary is paying enough!!! A sixteen year old punk can go to work at McDonald's, work forty hours a week, and bring in $15,080.00 a year with ZERO education, ZERO experience, and ZERO importance, well other than making sure a basket goes into and comes out of the fryer on time.

[Sidebar: If a sixteen year old punk goes into McDonald's and shows them that he can work like a beast, he is not going to be stuck at $7.25 an hour for very long.]

You see, the fact that you pay Smedrick or Julio or Frank a whopping $7.25 for mindless labor ROBS YOUR TEACHERS ANNNNND, everyone that makes more than minimum wage.

Again, nothing is mutually exclusive, so everything that a school system has to purchase has gone up in direct proportion to the minimum wage because raw materials, products, services, books, paper, pencils, Van Halen albums, etc. cost more when you raise the minimum wage. Instead of continually clamoring for more money for teachers or education or roads or fidget spinners, why not simply begin to address the REAL ACTUAL PROBLEMS?

Now, if you want to help raise people from poverty, cut off the magic money fountain of welfare, cut the federally mandatory minimum wage to TRUE minimum wage, which is ZERO, and DEMAND parental accountability for their children. Furthermore, if there is a child that is disrupting class, get rid of them. Plain and simple, if they do not want to learn, then give them what they want. I can absolutely guarantee that the results will not be any different for that child, but they will be monumentally different for the children that do want to learn.

Here's a couple of little nuggets to chew on for a minute, as well. If someone is a staunch advocate of abortion, what do you think that they think of older children? If they think that it is just hunky-dory to slaughter babies, why would you listen to a single thing that they said about school age children? Don't you acknowledge the fact that if they hate babies enough to kill them, they are probably going to hate school age children even more?

"Oh, but you have to take into account what they are saying about XYZ, even though they are a horrible human being!" Um, no, actually, the exact opposite of that is true. You see, Adolf Hitler, arguably the worst person of the 1900s, was an animal lover. Would you take dog grooming tips from Hitler and say, "Oh, he knows the best way to trim their toenails, oh, I know he slaughtered six million Jews, but just look at Cleopatra's mane!!!"

Now, I said all that above to say this, we spend plenty of money on education, more than plenty, actually. What we need to do with the money that we do spend is make sure that it is accomplishing what it is supposed to accomplish. I think that I pointed out in a prior post the level of funding the school receives where my wife teaches and my kids attend. There is something like 148 school districts in Mississippi, but only three spend less than my local school district. Oddly enough, two of those three districts are A schools, the other is a B. Of the twenty schools that spend the most money per student, only two have better than a C. Weird, huh?

Oh, but don't take my word for that, check it out for yourself. (This link is now broken because no links survive on the world-wide computer. I wonder why Empower Mississippi no longer ranks spending for schools?)

Please take the time to comment or not, I just do not care about solving these types of problems anymore. You can't fix stupid and there's a buttload of it everywhere you turn.