Monday, July 24, 2017

Drive-By Blogging - Sick of Debating Pre-Paid Medical Plans

"Mr. Doofus, I certainly appreciate you agreeing to pay for all of the medical services for my client, Aging Democrat Groupie Who Slept With Rick James and Magic Johnson. We're ALL going to be RICH!!!"

Since I only post about twice a year, the number of eyes and ears that my posts reach are negligible, but I like to pretend that there are still one thousand people a day reading my drivel. Occasionally, the voices scream so loudly in my head that I have to post. This circumstance is no different.


After hearing no fewer than six references on the news today about the debate on "healthcare," my brain is ready to a'splode! There simply cannot exist a person so stupid as to actually believe there is a debate on "healthcare," because no one can define that ambiguous term and even if they could, they would not even mention the actual legislation that is being bandied about in the Swamp in D.C.

You see, Non-Idiotarian, the United States Congress is yakking about nothing but PRE-PAID MEDICAL PLANS. Oddly enough, we have had those since 1973 and the cost of MEDICAL SERVICES has exploded since that time. Did you know that Teddy Kennedy pushed through the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973, with Richard Nixon (Not EVEN as evil as Trump!) signing it, in the hopes that some day, it would lead to the Democrats being able to selectively determine who lives and dies? Yeppers, I ain't lie.

As other factors in the ever increasing costs of medical services, we have Medicaid, Medicare, and the federal government throwing pallets of money at "research facilities" that do nothing but write grant applications while never "curing" a single malady. Hey, even The March of Dimes is all aboard the PORK TRAIN, now. Back in the day, they were trying to wipe out polio and DID, but they had to keep rolling in the jack, so they decided to fight "low birth weight." Hey, I know, let's call it, "Preterm Birth." Ambiguous enough? They will never "cure" them apples!!!

There is really no need to discuss the half a billion dollars of tax money that goes to Abortions R Us every year.

Now, to state this quite simply and succinctly, there is nothing good about the federal government having any control over YOUR health. Anyone that tells you that the federal government can bring down the cost of medical services, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, they're not even talking about doing that!!! They're talking about bringing down the cost of PRE-PAID MEDICAL PLANS that have benefits THEY determine the plans must have. They are talking about the COST of the ambiguous plans that were devised by Teddy Kennedy's sick mind a mere 1266 days after he drowned Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick. Instead of being on death row, Teddy decided to put everyone on death row and Nixon allowed it!!!

You know, if we had just one ACTUAL MEDICAL PROGRAM that the federal government was running to determine if they were capable of performing those tasks, maybe I wouldn't be so uptight about having a bunch of bureaucrats determining what I needed to do with my own body. Maybe we should try that for a small segment of the population and see how that works, FIRST.

(You know, the military has all the good weapons, wonder what would happen if they turned them on the people that give them such crappy medical services year in and year out?)

These days, even Republicans are talking about keeping the "GOOD STUFF" of Obamacare, like coverage for "Pre-existing Conditions." Dude, seriously? Do you Congressmen think that everyone is an absolute moron? Every single illness, disease, or injury is a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION!!! Do you go to the doctor when you are well?

"Aw, man, I am feeling so danged good, I think that I'll roll down to the hospital and have an almost total stranger stick something in my mouth and and if I'm lucky, my butt, too!"

(You do notice they always do the mouth first, butt next, and then right back to the mouth? Did they swap the gloves or no? I was kinda all embarrassed and not really paying attention!)

The moment this whole "debate" will cease making me want to punt kittens will occur at the exact second where they pass legislation that says emergency rooms can turn criminal Mexicans away. Do you know why people go to the emergency room? Guess what the number one reason is? Hey! And guess how much those people DON'T pay for their visit?

I'll give you one guess who pays for those visits. I have just pointed out a medical services cost savings of forty-one BILLION dollars ($41,000,000,000.00) a year. I know, you are going to say that the doctors will start turning away patients. YES!!! I am saying that! That's what I want them to do, get the deadbeats out of the emergency room that have a stinkin' headache!!!

In case you were unaware, when "Single-Payer" is the law of the land, and it will be unless you blow up the phones of your Republican Congressmen, you will be forced to pay to make all the sexy occur on "people" like Bruce Transjenner. Squat and watch, that'll happen three months after the passage.

Anyhoo, ignore this post, words don't mean anything anymore, anyway.

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