Tuesday, March 23, 2021

There's a Reason Doc Savage Built the 'Fortress of Solitude'

It was to get away from Democrats. Superman, the Ultimate Democrat, copied Doc's lead and stole his idea, kinda like Moslems claiming credit for all the knowledge that they stole from their betters.

Sidebar: Moslems claim that they invented "algebra," but the only thing that they "invented" was changing the name of something that had existed fully 2100 years before the birth of Islam's first emperor, Mulehammit. 

 Anyhoo, I saw where Doddering Joe Biden, the pedophile president, called a lid right after lunch yesterday. Do you ever get curious to know who exactly is running our country? You know that it is not Joe. You know that it is not Kamala Harris, because she is a nobody and has never accomplished anything other than sleeping her way into higher and higher positions. Plus, she has an IQ around 38. You absolutely know it is not Nancy Pelosi, the eighty year old alcoholic, because she is really as sharp as a marble. 

 Who is running our country? Do you think that there actually IS a deep state cabal that pulls the strings and makes things happen? You know there is, folks. 

 We are at a very troubling crossroads in our country's history. With the influx of criminals flooding the southern border, with the most important legislation, HR1, attempting to federalize all elections in direct contradiction to the Constitution, with the Democrats attempting to literally overturn the election of Iowa Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks and seat the Democrat loser, Rita Hart, nearly four months after a certified election...I'm stopping here, because I could go on and on and on about Democrat crimes and corruption. 

 There is a reason that our Founding Fathers set up this country to have a limited federal government, it was exactly to keep Democrats from ever gaining control of anything. They knew that the small federal government would be best run by learned men with solid common sense. In other words, never elect a Democrat to any office. 

 We are the United STATES of America and while there were plenty of moves by the federal government to manipulate things to simply become "America" and run headlong into stupidity, those actions were mostly limited before the mid 1960s. Since that time, we have gone from "improving the lives of the poor black families" to "we need every poor stupid moron the world over to get here and elect Democrats."

Folks, ever wonder why Democrats complain about the flight from the inner cites?  It's because Democrats want VICTIMS and any area that elects Democrats produces them at an alarming rate.  In case you didn't know, the United States has once again put Democrats in charge of our federal government and those Democrats immediately threw it in high gear to produce victims as quickly as they could.

I heard the Chief Moron in charge of the World Health Organization on the radio this morning.  He is utterly butthurt about the "wealthier countries" hoarding all of the Democrat Election Year Virus vaccines.  To that I respond, "Hold up, Scooter, Pedo Joe has only been in office since January 20th, he's turning our country into a smoldering dung heap as quickly as he can."

All that said, you need to build your very own Fortress of Solitude, dude. 

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Herb said...

Yes, a Fortress of Solitude would be nice. Superman and most of the other "superheroes" I can think of became real liberals in the 80s and 90s. I miss seeing your blog but always watch for new posts.

Paul Mitchell said...

We're working on our Fortress of Solitude, Herb. Funny, the kids are adamantly opposed to it having "plantation" in the name, though. Luckily, they don't get a vote.

I'm afraid that I am going to have to start blogging again since FAILbook always wants to block actual, factual news from their platform.

Herb said...

They are pretty left-wing and evil. I'm not from the South, but I think using the term "Plantation" in the name is a fine, southern-sounding idea. I don't expect you'll have any slaves. Except for the kids, but they don't count.

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, FAILbook has almost run the old blogging community off. There are only a very few people from my blogging days that are still on there.

No sir, kids to NOT count toward the slavery numbers. I just love the idea of having a plantation, though.

Herb said...

lol. Well, it sounds to me like it would suit you.