Sunday, April 25, 2021

2021 - Your MoM's Disclaimer

There are people in my life that have become aware that this blog exists.  Please be all too aware that this blog has been around since 2005 and was originally used to exorcise the demons that had taken over my heart and mind at that time.

All that said, this blog was somewhat risqu
é and language-y in the ago.

Sorry.  I am much different now, but my philosophy and ideology is pretty much still the same.

Oh, and this is mainly a HUMOR BLOG, folks.

Please take the time to comment.


Dean L said...

I'm glad you are still going, at a slower pace notwithstanding.

Herb said...

I've been following it for quite a while. I think you've usually made some pretty valid statements.

Paul Mitchell said...

Herb, how long have we been friends on this Internet thing? It's not fifteen years is it?

Dean, I read everything you post. I just don't comment much anymore. It's weird, I want to say stuff, but I want to lay low, too.

Herb said...

It's pretty close. I can't remember offhand without digging around but I think I was one of your earlier followers. I have most of the old blogs copied onto the new site but I don't think I got all the comments. Skunkfeathers and Daveman were in our "group" among others as I recall. My new blog is

I went to the beginning of your blog and couldn't find the first post I commented but now you have me curious as well. It has been a long time. You had kind of dropped off the blogging to work on your business website and we lost touch for a while.