Friday, September 03, 2021

Still Trying to be the Shepherd...

I have nearly zero confidence in medical research and have not had that confidence at any point that I can actually recall. Please understand that in my lifetime, the overwhelming majority of medical research has been performed in the United States and as a government financed task. 

Government sucks at everything that they do. Sucks swimmingly. Sucks epically. I could go through a list of the illnesses and diseases that have been cured of which I am aware, but those are few and far between.  It is like they accidentally solved a problem that was plaguing mankind.  Who knows, maybe those issues are NOT resolved and are lurking around the corner to leap out and grab us tomorrow. 

Since heart disease appears to be the number one killer in the United States (and probably elsewhere, too), you would think that someone would turn their attention to solving that problem. But, they really don't.   

You would think that since breast cancer is further down the list in causes of cancer death for women, that researchers would turn their attention to those other forms of cancer that kill many more women than breast cancer to have the biggest positive impact on survival for women. But, they have that Pink Month! 

Since the onset of GRID (now lovingly referred to as AIDS), we have acquiesced to almost every complaint the Gay Lobby has had regarding health standards to the point of killing almost all of the hemophiliacs (or anyone that needed a blood transfusion) worldwide.

And, we fail to solve those issues on the daily...for some reason. It's probably because men are not smart enough to solve them, but GLOBAL WARMING!!! 

With SARS-CoV2, I don't think that we have any answers. ZERO. Maybe someone thought they had a clue, but we have found out entirely that they were wrong.  At this point, no one is willing to admit they were wrong and will go to great lengths to keep everyone thinking that they weren't wrong. 

Face it, vaccinated people are NOT more safe than unvaccinated people.  Masked people are NOT more safe than unmasked people.  The cases that are happening in Israel prove that.  From NPR, a decidedly Democrat/Communist/Socialist/Fascist propaganda outlet, comes THIS.  Funny, since Israel is highly vaccinated, they shouldn't have any more issues, but NPR tells us that you need to get booster shots obviously 100% of your's only a matter of time before they realize that the vaccines aren't really working.

I honestly think that this "virus" was manmade. I honestly think that this was a weaponized thing that was accidentally (or on purpose) released before the designer actually wanted it released, but here we are, without the way to undo the problem. 

SARS-CoV2 claimed a friend of mine yesterday.  That means of the 183 FAILbook friends I now have, eight have gone on to Glory over the years.  I'm envious of that.  I yearn for what comes after.  I didn't think that way just seven short years ago, but I am there now.  I'm not trying to get there any quicker, but I am not afraid.  Thank you, God.

Every time there is loss around me, I just want to ease the suffering of those that I cherish, but there is no way to do that.  I know it, they know it, we all know it.  We don't have the words to "fix it."  We want them, but, I hate to tell you, those words don't exist.  I lived it and some folks tried with all their might to make it better and I love them for that, too.  As adults, we have all lost someone that we still needed to spend time with.  We weren't finished being with them, just yet.  We weren't ready for them to go.  

I have a grandmother that is 100 years old.  She is short of this world and she is ready to go, she's been ready for years...but, for someone to leave before that age is difficult to say the least.  It's even going to be difficult when she is finally gone.  Because of what she means to me.

I said all that to say this, faith in man is NOTHING.  It is useless.  All my life, I've tried harder than anyone I know to believe that man can solve any issue that he contemplates.  It's futile to live that way.  We are fallen.  The world is a evil and corrupted ball of fail, folks.  That's not just my cynicism talking, it is fact.

Jesus tells us in Mark 12 that those that go before us, after the resurrection, will be "like angels in Heaven."  They're not angels, but they will be like angels...that makes me happy.  

I've not pieced together all of the things that are to come in the future, but I do know that I have been utterly blessed knowing some of the people that I have known.  I can only pray that we are to know each other in Heaven, even though I have to assume that we will know everyone in Heaven because we will all be there for a common purpose.  Finally, everyone is on the same winning team.

From the very onset of my memories, I have held little fear of anything on Earth.  I am unafraid because I have always known there was something that comes after this.  But, while I am here, I am to live my life as God commanded Joshua, "Haven't I commanded you: be strong and courageous?  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9) 

Keep your fork.  (Google that...)

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Bo Williams said...

Outstanding words, and I agree with most of what you said, except I believe the cure for diseases are known, but hidden from us by Big Pharma. Satan has a great deal of dominion on earth, with that being said most everything we have been taught in school regarding history is a lie. Jesus is the only truth in this world. Except for the truth that comes from Pauland.

m said...

Thank you for passing that story on.

Herb said...

I don't remember having heard the fork story before.
Man can do nothing on his own without messing it up.

Paul Mitchell said...

Did you search for the fork story, Herb? One of the young men in my Sunday School class gave me a wooden fork that is three feet long. I had almost forgotten telling them that story when he gave it to me, too. It is a great reminder of what's to come and it leans again the wall right next to my desk at home.

Herb said...

Yes, I did and thought it was pretty great. What a neat gift!

Dean L said...

Great story Paul, and I am glad to see you are still blogging after all this time.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dean, I am certainly not blogging with any regularity. Even though I don't comment much, I have you in my reader and your posts are always good reads.