Sunday, May 14, 2017

Because Only Morons Are Democrats!!!

This is Corrine Brown of "Go Gata" fame. She is a moron. She is a Democrat. But, I repeat myself. While this woman is an absolute paint-licking idiot, she is also one of the "GOOD" Democrats because she is about to be locked up in prison. As I always say, not all criminals are Democrats, but ALL Democrats are criminals.

They are also lying scumbags that are a scourge on our planet. Normal people should have made being a Democrat illegal after the Civil War, but they were too busy trying to put their lives back together after the Democrat Party tried to rip our country apart.

Of course, anyone with an IQ over forty already knows these FACTS.

On to the BLOGSHOW!!!

Democrats, "morons" to people that are not morons, have taken to the airwaves to compare The Trumperoid firing James Comey to the Watergate debacle or maybe even worse. Democrats wanted him fired last November because he alluded to something everyone else already knew, Hillary Clinton is a criminal that jeopardizes national security and should be in prison.

But, The Trumperoid firin' Comey is WORSE than WATERGATE!!!

You know what? Watergate was NOT even Watergate. Do you even know what Watergate was about? Of course you don't and that is what I am going to clear up for you.

You have to start with a single premise. Democrats are evil people that have always wanted to steal your money and enslave you. If you do not know these FACTS, then you are not informed. No, there has never been a single good idea come from the Democrat Party. A stopped clock is right twice a day, but that is twice more than any Democrat has ever been.

The "Watergate Scandal" as it has come to be known was a break in of the Democrat National Headquarters located in the Watergate Hotel. The Democrats had their national headquarters in a hotel so they could have them some fun time with pages and interns, little girls AND boys, and never have to leave the office. Yes, there were all kinds of horrible things going on at the DNC at the time, as always, but we have to hear about some guys breaking in to bug them. Wonder why President Nixon wanted to bug a hotel where Democrats hung out in the first place?

Well, it wasn't because he was worried about not being popular, was it? He won the election with an Electoral College vote of 520 - 17. (Sixth biggest margin in history. FDR being the only Democrat in the top 10, BTW, and we all know what a horrible man he was.) He beat George McGovern and Maria Shriver's daddy so badly that their mothers never talked to them again. NOT KIDDING, EITHER.

Sidebar: 1972 also had Democrat Shirley Chisholm running for the Democrat nomination, but she got her head stuck between some stair balusters and couldn't even vote for herself!!! The first major female candidate for President HAD HAD HAD to be a Democrat and too stupid to not get her head stuck somewhere.

You see, you have to realize that the job of the President is to protect the United States of America. That means to keep an eye on the most criminal elements in the country. That means DEMOCRATS. At one time, I pulled crime stats and poured over them for seconds. It doesn't take someone with a doctorate in statistics to quickly see where all the crime occurs. IN MAJORITY DEMOCRAT AREAS. Take 45 seconds to check that out. Look at areas where Hillary Clinton won the Presidential race in 2016. It done blowed up with crime, yo!!! Ignore the FACT that Democrat elected officials go to jail at a rate eight TIMES that of Republicans, too. That's just a scratch on the surface, remember, most of the judges are Democrats, too!

Now, you also have to take into account that at the time of the Watergate "burglary," the Democrats were rioting in the streets trying to surrender in Vietnam. You know why they wanted us to surrender? Because they didn't want the United States to win against Communism. Do you know what Communism is? Read the platform of the Democrat Party and you will understand. Really stupid people require other people to tell them what to do with their lives. It's because Democrats are so stupid, that their leaders seem intelligent by comparison.

HEY! Remember when Democrat Chris Matthews said that Democrat Barry Obama was quite possibly the smartest President we had ever had? HEY! Remember when people with more than two brain cells knew that Barry Obama drank from the toilet because he was too stupid to work a kitchen tap?

Anyhoo, enough about how stupid Democrats are. In the future, when there is an appearance of impropriety in the White House, instead of comparing it to Watergate and a President that resigned, why don't we compare it instead to Democrat Bill Clinton actually getting impeached for lying under oath to keep a woman from having her day in court?

Also, ignore the FACT that Bill Clinton raped at least two women and possibly more. Instead, let's pretend the worst crime is breaking into the DNC to keep tabs on Communist sympathizers!!!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Well, Because I Haven't Made Everyone Mad Today!!!

Every so often, I drop back in here to swing for the fences with my cluebat. Today was an especially tough day because of Washington's birthday being observed. There was a never ending stream of news articles, radio commercials, and posts on media about the imaginary "President's Day" and it got to me. By the way, even the moonbats' go to "fact-checker," Snopes, finds President's Day to be FALSE. Just saying.

Anyhoo, the thing that normally gets my cooker going is the "debate" about Democrats. Having grown up in Mississippi during integration, I kinda know a little bit about Democrats. Yeah, I know, I know, crazy people will always tell you that by some Big Bang, the parties switched people and ideologies. Oddly enough, you can find some folks that have swapped parties, but for the most part, that number is really, really small. And for the most part, the ideologies are the very same as they have always been, just somehow those corrupt and racist ideas of Democrats are now good things!

To compound matters, there are actually people in this world that think that Hillary Clinton, the wife of a corrupt, impeached President, would have made a good President. Folks, I am not at all reluctant to tell you that you are utterly incorrect on that. There is not one redeeming quality about Hillary Clinton. The fact that the Democrat Party actually allowed her in the party at all should tell you that they are not good folks. By the way, did you know that Hillary Clinton spent nearly a billion dollars to lose the race to a man that until recently was a Democrat, has virtually no morals whatsoever, is perfectly orange with disco hair, and "only" spent 531 million to beat her? Add to that a national media that could not find a single thing wrong with her, the President at the time spending untold pallets of tax money campaigning for her, and not a single bit of good press for her opponent other than for Sean Hannity and Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit?

How would you like to be told that the only people allowed to talk positively about you were Sean and Jim?

If you want more on why you should run screaming from the Democrat Party, I have compiled about 229 reasons. Some of those reasons are laced with harsh language, so earmuffs ON!

Now, having avoided making my school teacher wife mad for all of 42.5 minutes today, I thought I would change that luck.

In the cozy little hamlet where I reside, there is a school bond issue up for a vote. Please understand, I do NOT technically live in the district, the curtain climbers under my roof attend that school because their momma teaches there. Having limited knowledge of what that bond issue covers other than trying to sorta rearrange and expand the schools into the old school compartmentalization, I thought I would roll out an opinion on education and funding in general. YAY! ME!

Judging by the Mississippi numbers, North Pike spends less per pupil than the vast majority of school districts in the state, about $7334.06, give or take. Only three districts spend less. Nineteen school districts have a better rating, but they have A's and NP has a B. An absolute ZERO school districts have a failing rating. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?! I know I saw JPSD on that list!

Also, I am not too sure how meaningful that rating is because I don't know if they follow any of the students after they leave school. Just so you know, I really don't gauge success of an education until that student hits the age of thirty or so. If they are still Democrats, they FAIL. I like my metric better than school test scores.

All that fluff said, I do not have any issue with a local school district putting a bond issue to the population at large to see if they want to spend some money to expand their school. That is how government SHOULD work. In case you're wondering, the most recent numbers that I can find show less than 3000 students at North Pike. That means North Pike spends about 22 million dollars a year on students. About half of the students are on the free lunch program, but that money comes from social services. There are about 150 teachers in the schools, which breaks down to a 20:1 student to teacher ratio.

What I have a huge problem with is this. In 2011, the state of Mississippi, FINALLY, after 141 years, seated a majority Republican Legislature. Yeppers, y'all thought that Mississippi was Republican through and through, but you were wrong! Just so you know, I am not so much a Republican as I am Anti-Democrat.

Since that 2011 election, we STILL have a state hissy-fit going on about the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. Do y'all realize that Mississippi's expenditure on education makes up 35.2% of the state budget? For your information, 30.1% of the state budget is spent on welfare programs. Soooooo, 65.3% of expenditures in Mississippi are for two things. That means that our state government spends 13.32 BILLION dollars a year on just those two things. By way of comparison, we spend 2% on corrections and 7.1% on roads. There is also an undefined 25.5% spent on other things. (In case you're mathing right now, that only adds up to 99.99%, so I assume they just put 0.01%, which is 2.04 MILLION, on the roof of the car and drove off with it up there.)

Are we spending enough to "adequately" educate Mississippi's school children? Unquestionably, YES. You simply cannot debate that and appear sane to a sane person.

Sidebar, do y'all remember when Democrats in Mississippi legalized gambling? You remember how that was a panacea for our schools? Do you also remember that the lying scumbags in the Democrat Party never earmarked gaming revenues for education? Did you know that those lying scumbags actually took that 12% gaming tax, designated 8% of it for the general fund and sent the other 4% to the five counties where the casinos were built? So, can you do that math to find out how much goes to the other 77 counties in Mississippi? WHAT ABOUT THE SCHOOLS?!?!?!?! (Get ready for the Republicans to suggest Da Lottry as the next, best panacea for the schools! This will be the one time that the Dillweed Employment [read "union"] Attorney from Oxford teams up with Republicans because Education Matters!)

This whole diatribe above was to let you know that your government is going to lie to you. It's better to have the ones in your hometown doing that lying because you can take care of it yourself. With a tubesock. Full of pennies.

Oh well, I don't know anything about education or math or Democrats or anything. Never mind.

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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Unfettered Free Speech is a Great Thing

Some folks would disagree, but I think that it is awesome these kids did this. Some members of the East Carolina marching band decided to take a knee during the National Anthem. I really believe that is their right.


I certainly hope that none of these morons have federal grants or subsidized (or unsubsidized for that matter) student loans, because when I am President, there is going to be a VERY HARSH penalty for their stupidity. Please understand, in Greenville, North Carolina, the median age is twenty-six (26) and the population is 60.2% white, with a 52.4% non-family demographic. But, their Congressman is the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus...LOOK!!!

Please keep in mind, these are all Democrat voters. The party should have been outlawed when they fought so hard to keep slavery, or maybe they should have been outlawed when they tried to keep women from voting, or maybe those Jim Crow Laws should have done them in.

Anyhoo, normal people better ammo up and be ready, this ain't going away any time soon. You know, North Carolina voted for Barry Obama in both of his/her/zers/ambiguous others Presidential Elections. (I have been out of the political loop lately, did Barry and/or his "life partner" pick out his/hers/zers/ambigous others pronouns yet?)

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Barry Obama's Race Wars and His Wars on the Police

I always start out these posts with a disclaimer on how long I have been paying attention to this clown. My first post that I can recall about Barry Obama was in October of 2005 when I was writing posts on exactly how corrupt and incompetent that Democrat Senators were at the time.

I also read Dreams from my Father, Barry's book that foretold how much of a racist, Communist moron that this guy is.

Please remember, in The Ago, I was not trying to live my life in a Christ-like manner. I used language that should not be used in polite company. At this point in our nation's history, maybe being polite can suffer a tad while we try to concern ourselves with saving the Greatest Country in the History of the World from Democrats and their imbecilic voter base.

Yes, in case you did not know, Democrats are evil people and should not be regarded when making any decision that affects mankind. All criminals are NOT Democrats, but ALL Democrats are criminals. It is even in their party platform to kill babies whenever and wherever Democrat women want to kill babies. Since they want to kill all of their babies, they have to find votes in some other place. But, on any issue, you can rest assured that if Democrats are for it, the RIGHT position is to be against it.

Anyhoo, back to Barry Obama's race wars and his wars on the police.

Most people do not know about or remember Barry's first HUGE public announcement about how much he hates police officers, but I am going to remind everyone. There exists a little scumbag named Skip Gaines that serves as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. Please pay attention to the title and the feigned importance listed. Skip Gaines is a race hustler. What happened is "Professor" Gaines came home from a trip to China to "research" Yo-Yo Ma (true story) to his (Harvard owned) house in a gated community in Cambridge, Mass and found himself locked out. He broke in and one of the neighbors called police. If Skip would have simply shown the police his credentials and used a minimum of polite decorum, all would have been well. Skip flipped out claiming racism and whatnot. He got arrested. Of course the charges were eventually dropped because Skip Gaines apologized for being a racist moron. The police officer did NOT apologize because he was IN THE RIGHT.

But, Barry Obama inserted himself into the event because his whole life is about how Barry can benefit and manipulate really stupid people. He said, "The police acted stupidly." The only way that I can conclude that Barry defines "stupid" is if he doesn't understand it. To list the things that Barry Obama doesn't understand would require doubling the number of characters on the internet, so I'll abstain. AT. THIS. TIME.

And then came Trayvon. In an area that had 402 calls to police in a year (remember Democrats, there are only 365 days in a year), the neighborhood set up a watch program to help combat the increasing number of Democrat sightings. When a man working the neighborhood watch encountered Trayvon, he followed him to find out what was up. Trayvon attacked this watchman and wound up dead from a gunshot when the watchman decided HE was in danger of being killed.

Stupidity ensued. Hoodie donning exploded. Profiling became a bad thing, because an old Jewish Indian Native American Indigenous grandmother (But she was probably WHITE!) could have been breaking into those houses! Because you know, support criminals and stuff.

Fast forward to today. Black Lives Matter has sent representatives to the Barry White House to talk about what exactly? Policemen are getting murdered at an alarming pace. BLM is standing in the middle of our streets and highways, because WHY?

Because Democrats NEED a victim class, people. AND! It has always been the black folks.

In an era when anyone with an IQ over forty votes for Republicans, Democrats have to literally BREED more stupid people. If they cannot be bred, then they have to be created through hatred and a need for free stuff. And those victims have to have an oppressor.

The police work out as a very good scapegoat, because statistics can be manipulated in such a way as to give stupid people "evidence" for their grievances.

Here are the FACTS, not Democrat facts, but literal, actual facts.

In 2011, the last year that full accurate statistics are available, there were 72 felonious deaths of police officers. That accounts for a death rate of 0.00008% of ALL police officers are killed in the line of duty. That is horrible, but their job is to round up Democrats that break the law.

In the same time frame, 166 people were killed by police. Let's just assume every last one of those 166 killed were Black for the sake of argument. Using the number of ALL black folks in the US, 74.5 MILLION, skewing the police killed as all Black, we come to a ratio of somewhere in the range of 0.0000000222 percent of blacks are killed by police. Huh?!?!?!

Police are killed more frequently that black folks!

Now, since the overwhelming majority of crime is perpetrated by black men (eleven times higher!), and almost ALL murders are by black men (seven times higher!), let's back the black chicks out of the numbers. Since women ALWAYS make up more of the population, so NOT A MINORITY!, let's cut the number in half. 37.25 million. That brings our ratio to 0.000000045 percent of black men are killed by police.

So, class, judging by MATH and FACTS, police should be the ones that are blocking highways and going to the Barry White House to foster a conversation on why police are getting murdered at such a high rate.

Barry will never invite them because they would only net the Democrat Party about one million votes if every one of them voted for the Democrats. That would never happen.

The moral of this story is, "Do not listen to Democrats, they are dangerously stupid and would actually die out if evolution was true."

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy October 31st, Happy November Last Thursday, and Happy January 1st!!!!

As usual, the jabbering morons decided that it was time to make me near'bout lose my mind. Yes, next Monday is JULY 4TH!!!!

Folks, this simply must be said over and over again, the "Progressives" have to pervert our language in order to win. "Abortion" is a "womens health issue," Bruce Jenner is a "woman," PAC-12 is football, and Hillary Clinton is NOT a disgustingly corrupt power-mad criminal that lies.

The holiday that we shall celebrate this coming Monday is Independence Day. You need to sit down and have a discussion with your crumb-crunchers and let them know how important that day used to be until Democrats went all in to destroy everything of value in the United States of America. Not just "America." There were actually folks in this part of the world that were willing to lay everything on the line so we can be free to worship as we choose, free to carry RPGs if we want, and can speak the truth to imbeciles if we run into one that gets out of bed before Happy Hour.

Since Mediocre Britain actually stood up this past week, if you do not want them to try to take back this country, you better stop calling out dates on the calendar as holidays and recognize what those holidays used to be AND get prepared to stand up and do your dead level best to bring back those qualities that the DEAD WHITE GUYS put in place.

I distinctly remember someone once saying, "Give me liberty or give me death." Democrats are all in for the latter.

Sidebar: I heard the Hilldawg make the comment today that she will not raise taxes on the middle class, but will certainly raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy. Yes, she knows that is stupid, but only stupid people will vote for her. I took down the fantasy that raising taxes on businesses HELPED anyone in the way back because ANY tax on ANY business is simply overhead and is passed on to the consumer. If I find it, I'll update this post with a link.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Truth Hurts and It is the Nose on Your Face

The voices in my head have started again. This happens occasionally when I make the mistake of listening to crazy-stupid people. Most people that have met me for more than two seconds can realize that I am the happiest person in the whole-wide world. My life is perfect and is getting more perfecter by the minute.

BUT! Orlando. Moslem. Dead gay folks. Democrats blaming guns, gun shows, and I'm assuming ammunition.

What I would really like to know is why did this murderer pick this place to kill people? And why did he kill? Why did he HATE?!?!?!

The above questions are what thinking people call, "rhetorical." But, there are obviously ZERO Democrats capable of any thought at all, rational or irrational, so "rhetorical" means that I ask the questions, but I already know the answers.

Please indulge me while I broach a coupla' topics. Guns, Teh Gheys, and philosophy. Long-time readers know that mine is a humor blog, but I have a tendency to wield the Cluebat from time to time.

Guns=hammer=stethoscope=computer=sliderule=lasso=shovel=...well, if you have two brain cells to rub against each other, you GET IT. Any firearm is a tool. It has no personality, it has no shame or morals. A single statement/comment/inquiry into guns over any murder is ridiculous. Again, it is simply a tool. I also think it's pretty stupid to say "Well, if you ban guns, they'll just use something else." People of above average intelligence know that and you will never convince a Democrat of anything other than guns kill people. You know, because Democrats are morons.

Dude, ownership of guns is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. On this point, there can be ZERO debate. If you want to debate that one, let's crack open the reinstitution of slavery, WHICH CAME AFTER GUNS!!! (13th Amendment Pushed by Republicans and fought tooth and nail by Democrats) How about the disallowing of women to vote, which came AFTER GUNS!!! (Again, 19th Amendment pushed by Republicans and fought tooth and nail by Democrats)

NO, I DON"T WANT SLAVERY BACK, I'M NOT A DEMOCRAT!!!  (Let's not ask me about doing away with women voting, mmmkay?)

What we currently have in this country is a Democrat problem. Yes, there has always been a Democrat problem, but it is getting larger, quicker, faster, stronger. Normal people saw this coming years ago, when somehow we allowed the Democrats to take back the Senate during W's presidency. (Actually it was way before that, when Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed Klansman Hugo Black to the Supremes, wait no! Back when Democrat Woodrow Wilson showed the first movie in the White House and it was "Birth of a Nation" about the Klan, no get the picture.)

You see, the national media (The Democrat Fan Club) has no problem LYING to further the totalitarian cause. You've seen it, the heralding of the Castro brothers in Cuba, the lick-fest with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the absolute orgasmic media love-a-thon of the terrorist, Nelson Mandela, not to mention Yasser Arafat of Black September and Munich Olympic fame. You will never get the full story from national media. Sidebar, I absolutely hate Bill O'Reilly. He is an utter fraud and has made a mint fooling gullible folks into believing that he is even marginally right of center.

Anyhoo, back to the real topic at hand. A Moslem flounced up into his normal hangout and shot up the joint. He killed nearly fifty people. Those people happened to be people that practiced sexual deviancy. This fact has nothing to do with the murders. Sorry, Teh Gheys, it ain't about you. It is about murder. It is about terrorism. It is about the murdering, killing ways of Islam, as usual.

And guess what the Democrats did?

Flew straight over the issue at hand and immediately began attacking the Constitution. Please focus here, it is not about guns with them, it is about getting rid of the Constitution. Barry Obama even said it right before the election in 2008. “WE ARE FIVE DAYS AWAY FROM FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA.” Ignore the fact that only an idiot refers to our country as "America." Yes, there are a bunch of idiots these days.

The United States of America is ONE THING. Fifty states, allegedly loosely aligned for the benefit of all of THOSE STATES. Those states ratified the Constitution on June 21, 1788. Just so you know, the Constitution of the United States of America is the OLDEST written constitution in the entire world. You should actually take the very few minutes necessary to read it, then there is NO WAY you could ever be a Democrat and further destroy our country. By way of comparison, the Mexican Constitution was ratified on February 5, 1917. Yes, Mexico is less than 100 years old.

And guess what those states determined to be necessary for those states to get along indefinitely? Individual human rights defined by amendments to our Constitution. There are currently twenty-seven. In my opinion, the worst amendment is the 24th. It made voting FREE!!! You see, voting should be very, very difficult. It should be one of the hardest things to do in this country. It should be very exclusive and open to only the very few that promise to never vote for a Democrat. The fun part of actually reading the Constitution and the Amendments can only bring you to one conclusion, Democrats should not be allowed to ever hold public office, it's right there in the Fourteenth Amendment.

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

What the Fourteenth Amendment says is that Hillary Clinton is unfit for office because she has broken so many of her oaths and it shall require a two-thirds vote of Congress to allow her to be President. There is literally no denying this FACT.

Sorry, I got distracted.

A Moslem went into a bar and killed a bunch of people. Democrats want to disarm the citizens of this country. Moslem terrorists and Democrats are allies. Don't ever vote for a Democrat for any office. EVER.

The End.

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Saturday, April 02, 2016

LOL!!! You Cannot Legislate Morality!!!

As usual whenever I take issue with a post somewhere, the results are ostrich like behavior in others. Of course, that is the case today when another person is damaged by their worldview being proven wrong. That happens a bunch in a society where TRUTH is ignored.

A personal ideology doesn't change facts. You can think that it is okay for Mexicans to pour across our border illegally, but that STILL doesn't make it LEGAL. They are literally CRIMINALS.

Let's try on some facts for size.
  1. Donald Trump is a Democrat.
  2. Abortion is WRONG.
  3. Minimum wage laws HURT poor people AND everyone else.
  4. College is not for everyone.
  5. The Ku Klux Klan was founded, is operated, and is fully funded by the Democrat Party. It was founded to KILL Republicans.
  6. The Dixiecrats did not become Republicans.
  7. The "Progressives/Liberals/Democrats" of today are the very same racist and totalitarian Democrats that they have always been.
  8. Stealing is WRONG.
  9. We ALL make mistakes.
  10. Murdering someone is NOT a mistake.
  11. No one should be forced at gun point to do business with someone that they do not trust.
  12. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization supported by Communists. 
  13. Hillary Clinton is a horrible human being. 
  14. If you have two X chromosomes, you are a woman.
  15. If you have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome, you are a man.
  16. If you have two X chromosomes and have a beard, you are a woman with a beard.
  17. If you have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome, but you have no penis, you are a man without a penis.
You see, in today's philosophical climate, TRUTH is pretty much the only casualty. We have DEVOLVED into a system of idiots that cannot discern truth from fantasy. Let me make a couple of things perfectly clear.

The ONLY thing that you can legislate IS morality. The Bill of Rights are ten specific items that utterly DEFINE morality in the United States of America.

OH! But, GUESS WHAT?!?!?! The state of Mississippi has just made it perfectly LEGAL to hate gay people and stuff. There has been a significant national uproar about MS HB#1523. (pdf link) Oddly enough, the ONLY thing in this bill is the FACT that no one can discriminate against anyone based on their religious beliefs, but really, really stupid people think that it is about Teh Gheys.

Another strange FACT is that I was able to find legal precedent after many, many hours of research that appears to form the legal basis of this Mississippi "ANTI-GHEY" law. Observe.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I know, I know, that must have been written by the Democrats that formed the Ku Klux Klan. But, I failed to bookmark the source, so you will just have to take my word for it that the above is a BIG law and stuff.

You see, barely a few years ago, we were inundated with published talky-talk about Republicans keeping themselves out of our bedrooms. At that time, I made a comment that people should keep their bedrooms off the centerline of the city streets and normal people would have no problem with their bedrooms. And so now, consider that shark jumped. This Mississippi bill was certainly promoted to keep men from going into the restrooms after little girls, but BRUCE JENNER! y'all!

Follow my NORMAL logic just a few steps (read: half a step) further and if crazy people have their way, we are going to arrive at the point where it will be governmentally mandated that churches must allow pedophiles to live in the restrooms in the children's wings of their educational facilities. Seriously, CHILD RAPE is being promoted by people that are literally anti-Christian.

Now, I said all of the above to say this, what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom MUST stay in your bedroom. I seriously do not care at all if you like to cover yourself in peanut butter and roll around in Grape Nuts, but the minute you try to use my bathroom with that junk on you, I have a problem with it.

Now, for the thinking people among us, if you want to completely do away with all of this public, sexual nonsense that we have to deal with on a daily basis, the solution is to abolish the minimum wage and institute a personal flat-tax. In order to understand that logical solution, Democrats will have to ask someone with an above 80 IQ to explain it to them.

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