Monday, October 08, 2007

Here's the Rankings

Okay, the Big-10 (Ours go to 11!) fluffers from the USA Today are out in full force. Come on, Ohio State gets two (2) number one votes? The Buckeyes are undefeated so far and have a 6-0 record. Let's look at their monstrosity of a schedule so far, 'mmmm K?

Youngstown State Penguins 4-2, damn, they beat Stony Brook and Lock Haven, why are they not ranked? Akron Zips 3-3, with their quality win against Army, how can they not be top ten? Washington Huskies 2-3, PAC-10, need we say more? Northwestern Wildcats 3-3, they lost to Duke. Duke! Minnesota Golden Gophers 1-5, geez, the Golden Gophers. Who the Hell would play there? Purdue Boilermakers 5-1, they have beaten Toledo, Eastern Illinois, Central Michigan, Minnesota, and the Catholics, who are 1-5, by the way.

Can someone please point out just how in Hell the Buckeyes are even regarded as D-IA football with this schedule? Let's see where it goes from here.

Kent State, Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin (19), Illinois (18), and Michigan. In my opinion, with every win for the rest of the year, where Ohio State wins by less than 100 points, they should drop a minimum of ten slots on the rankings.

Let's gawk at the train wreck that is the rest of the ranking stupidity, shall we? Cal, please, surely you are joking. PAC-10. Boston College, please go look at their monster schedule. South Florida, the new Rutgers, wait to see what gianormous bowl these losers attend and watch someone like San Jose State blow them out, 70-0. Oklahoma, okay, I'll give you that, but damn I hate those guys. I gotta stop, this is making me sick.