Monday, October 08, 2007

A Two Dogs PSA

That's Public Service Announcement in case you went to Pearl High School or actually attended MSU.

My alma mater sent me yet another e-mail soliciting funds to buy some useless crap for some useless college (I think that it was gender studies.) on that useless campus and I thought that I would forward the link that was attached to the e-mail. I can picture guys filming hovering coke bottles where you can actually see the fishing line. I almost peed in my pants.

Go HERE. Do not drink! I just kept thinking about Orwell's 1984, because that's the extent of the technology used to create this site.

Mississippi State University is planning for the future by making quite possibly the worst Flash site ever in the history of the world. My dog Roger actually sat down one time and wrote a paper totally trashing Flash, but she's like that and she's also a very good programmer. How do you think that this blog looks so awesome? Canine power, baby. In case you did not know this, the Interwebs has moved beyond sites that are built around Flash, which is about as non-interactive as you can get. Personally, I think that HTML is lightyears ahead of anything produced by Adobe, but what the Hell do I know, except that this Flash site takes about three damn minutes to load. I also liked to click on the pages and watch nothing happen. That is always good for your "user-friendly" site, you know.

UPDATE: Instead of hearing the actual music, I like to imagine the background is "Puff the Magic Dragon." I promise that you can hear it. Pinky swear.