Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sorry, I've Been Kinda Busy

Well, we finally have our first BCS Poll released and it's a doozy. As I thought, Ohio State has fallen up the stairs into the top slot with their pummeling of 112th ranked Kent State University and with LSU's triple overtime loss to the Number 7 Ranked Kentucky Wildcats. Now the fun part of the rankings.

Every single computer poll has South Florida ranked number one, while none of the other sources ranks them higher than number two. Why? It's because of the sportwriters needed the fluffing work on that DAMN Big 10 schools nobbin. See, computers don't have mouths, they simply take the data that is entered, do a few calculations, and then spew out the top teams. Kinda simple when it's based on data instead of having to choose just whose pole you want to smoke. I guess that sportswriters think that the SEC's johnsons are dirty or something.

Do I think that South Florida should be Numero Uno? Why Hell no. What's going to happen is that we are going to wind up with a bunch of one loss teams and Ohio State is going to be undefeated. Then Ohio State is going to get shellacked again this year by an SEC team, just like last year when Florida was number two and every single sportscaster in the nation gave them absolutely no chance to beat Ohio State. We all know how that turned out, hmmmmmm? And oddly enough, the Vegas line was nine points and it was Florida plus 9. Seems they know something that ESPN doesn't. I bet that the bookies cleaned up because most people get their sports information from, you guessed it, ESPN.

Even more fun was had by all when the 2006 Heisman Trophy was awarded to none other than Troy Smith, the quarterback for Ohio State that looked like a third string junior high quarterback when facing the Gates. Yea, I don't like the Gates that much, having had many traumatic experiences in the Swamp as a child watching the Bulldogs get the living shit beat out of them there.

Oh yea, Troy Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner, was drafted into the NFL by the Baltimore Ravens as the 174th pick of the draft. Yea, the Heisman Trophy winner from Ohio State was the damn last pick of the fourth round. Do you know what that means? It means that when the Ravens got down to the last pick of the fourth round, they got a Heisman Trophy winner for the league minimum. That means that the best player, allegedly, in college football sucked so bad that no one wanted him.

Now, the rest of the poll. Of the top twenty-five teams, only seven are SEC schools. Seven of twelve SEC schools are in the top twenty-five. That is simply amazing. Do understand that it is not going to end up that way because the SEC schedule is in full swing and the SEC schools are playing other SEC schools, so someone has to lose.

So, at the end of the year, when only three SEC schools are ranked, ESPN will take that as the SEC just isn't any good and we will wind up next year, yet again with USC and Ohio State near the top of the pre-season polls with maybe LSU near the top as well. And there will be folks screaming yet again for a playoff system.

Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that we already have one and the Championship game is played every year in Atlanta. Just try to get tickets for that one and if you luck out and actually do, you will have seen the number one and number two college teams in the nation play each other.