Sunday, November 25, 2007

Location for BCS Week 13 Meeting Announced

Okay, the BCS Championship Game is shaping up to be less viewed than the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals. Even the WNBA has ONE (1) watcher. Where in Hell do we go from here? LSU, you suck. All you had to do was beat Arkansas and then Tennessee in the SEC Championship Game, but aw, Hell naw, you couldn't do that.

Damn, can you just imagine a BCS Championship Game with West Virginia and Mizzou? Who would watch that except for the Byrd family and aw Hell, I don't even know who watches Mizzou? Anybody got any ideas? Oh, G-d forbid, Mizzou loses the Big 12 Championship Game to Oklahoma, or West Klansmansville loses to Pittsburg next week. That means that we again get to watch tOSU take it in the mud ditch harshly from somebody, but at least the BCS makes money on the Championship Game. Because that IS what really matters.

Oh no, Casey Jones, watch your speed! And remember, when the BCS Game finally rolls around, it will have been six hundred weeks since tOSU has actually played football. All the other teams play a full schedule, you know.

And according this this line up, UGA has a chance to play in the BCS Championship game without winning or even playing in the SEC Championship Game. Damn.