Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday BCS Week 13 Update

Okay, this is a nightmare for the BCS. If these rankings remain, it is over for a true Championship. Legitimate college football contenders are hoping beyond all hope that lowly Pittsburg comes through for the rest of football lovers and knocks off West Klansmansville next weekend. And they are also hoping that Oklahoma continues its sodomizing of Mizzou from earlier this year in the Big-12 Championship Game.

If that scenario occurs, we will have the third place SEC team playing tOSU for the BCS Championship. Yes, Georgia is the only team with a shot that actually is decent at football and they are THIRD in the SEC Standings. We have a huge problem if the top two teams lose and all of the sudden the BCS finds a conscience and throws Kansas in the big game. Geez, Kansas and tOSU, that would be a doozy.......zzzzzzz.

Oh, and will you sportswriters quit trying to get USC back in the picture? They are actually playing good football right now, but they are done for the year. Hell, they might not even get to go to the Rose Bowl, which they bought and paid for oh so many years ago.

Everyone hit your knees tonight and beg for Mizzou and West Klansmansville to lose. We need a miracle.