Saturday, November 24, 2007

Up is Down, Right is Wrong, White is Black and......

Oh, my! The fat people are starving! I have no idea what to say about THIS. I guess that I will start with saying that I, Two Dogs, eat around 62,000 calories of food a day, sometimes, much more. Most of the calories come from the awe-inspiring gobs of fat that I consume. Yet, I still manage to maintain a body mass index (BMI) of around 19-20 percent. Hell, physically, I discredit this article just by BEING.

This article is asssss-a-nine. The only thing that you can say about these poor, starving, fat people is that they don't do a damn thing. Nothing. No physical exertion at all. End of story.

When contacted by the publisher of this blog for comment on this article, the entire country of Zambia replied, "Oh, yes we use the Clarion-Ledger for our stand-up comedy routines here too. It is the most ridiculous rag in the entire world."

I quickly directed the conversation to the CONTENT of the article and the entire country of Zambia stopped eating rocks and sand and then replied, "Oh, f**k those fat, starving mother f**kers. They don't exercise by having to walk thirty miles to eat gruel, served by Sally Struthers. That damn crying, whiny voice makes me lose my appetite. And I would barter my children for an uncooked box of Hamburger Helper."

'Nuff said?