Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tommy Z

Hello All, Two Dogs is on hiatus and I am keeping his blog going (even though he decided to hate on the brown people, we always come through!:) In the spirit of the great "Sip"-Mississippi for the older guys and gals (us young folks are deciding to keep with the Southern mantra of leaving out words and giving up on saying a whole word, opting to shorten it for the sake of cramming more useless words into a sentence)- here's a short clip of a great band that recently played here. This band is named Tommy Z and they are out of New York...but they got their soul from the South- of course it didn't take Captain Obvious to know that the only real talent is talent brewed in the South. (And yes, I do believe the South will rise again..just without the hate on blackie theme) Can you guess the song he's singing? For more awesome tunes of this blues musician..check out his website and nab some free tunes (can't turn down a free good thing!!)

Website HERE.