Friday, April 04, 2008

Michele Obama's Take on Dr. King

Yet again, the Obamas send an e-mail showing how stupid they are. While touting the wonderful changey-hope of these kids, Michelle Obama fails to check out the school that is failing at an alarming rate. Oh, but the kids are ALL for Obama, because their crazy, eclectic, trendy, gay teacher is. This is sickening, the indoctrination that these poor children are receiving at a place that is supposedly about learning.

The movie from the kids at The Bronx High School for Performance and Stagecraft. HERE is a brief description of the history of this "school." Click that damn link, people.

Supreme dumbass Michelle Obama says, "Today is the 40th anniversary of the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I want to share a video that reveals how far we've come and how much this campaign owes to Dr. King's legacy. Students at a high school in the Bronx, who had no real interest in their government, have found new hope. They were surprised by their own excitement and engagement, but to me, they embody so many reasons why Barack and I decided to get into this campaign. It's truly moving to see young people inspired by a political leader -- someone who gives them hope and reminds them that they can be anything they want to be if they work hard. Watch what these kids have to say about politics and race in this country."

Thirteen minutes and twenty seconds of sheer stupidity and proof of indoctrination by the Far-Left. And a bunch of kids that are completely unemployable. And not one mention of Dr. King's work, but plenty of proof that the movement is completely dead. Oh, and a bunch of nodding kids watching Obama's speech that was supposedly about race in this country. I like to sit there and watch them while I'm asking the question, "Are you a moron?" And then smile as they nod.

Just so you know, in the time since the school opened in September of 2004, all kinds of bad things have happened. Luckily those bad things and substandard education has only happened to around 500 kids, of which the racial make-up is 52% Black, 46% Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 1% White. Like I said yesterday, the Democrats want to KILL all the minorities and keep the ones that luckily survive in their damn place.

New slogan for the Obama campaign: "Barry Obama, destroying poor, minority kid's dreams since 1961."

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it must really suck to be you.

Paul Mitchell said...

I'll bite, why?