Saturday, May 03, 2008

Obama Admits Being Moron and Thinks Government is a Construction Company

From THIS article.

Holy shit! Is there a single person that cannot tell Barry Obama is a simpering, elitist moron?

The article is incorrect as to how much gas is taxed by the way. The Federal Gasoline Tax is currently 28.6 cents per gallon. A tank of gas will last me one week and I work from my home. That equals six damn dollars a week for gas tax for me. That is three hundred twelve dollars a year. Curiously, that is exactly how much that an ounce of weed costs these days. Methinks that the Fed is smoking that money.

Of course, Hillary is being disingenuous by even bringing this tax to the forefront because she hates everyone that is not her and she couldn't care less if you had a penny in your pocket as long as she is living high on the hog. We all know that or at least we should.

Now to the jobs lunacy that Obama spewed. Here 'tis.

In Indiana, Obama said a summertime gasoline tax holiday would cost 6,000 construction jobs. The campaign circulated material showing the estimate came from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, a trade group. The group said the impact on North Carolina would be 7,000 jobs lost.

"Trade Group" is leftist code-talk for "Left-Wing Fanatical Lobbying and Union Idiots," by the way. Guess how many highways and bridges that this "trade-group" has built? Big, fat, friggin' zero.

I guess that Barry thinks that the Federal Government is a construction company. Yes, the Fed does take money from our pockets, in the form of gas taxes, to fund highways, but for the most part, that gas tax funding is miniscule and wouldn't pay one tenth of the administrative costs of having the seventeen government entities that ruin transportation.

Anyhoo, most of the money comes from OTR taxes and taxes on diesel. In case you didn't know this: OTR taxes and diesel are NOT gasoline.

Side rant. To all you truckers that are raped repeatedly by our government, I sincerely thank you for providing the highways for my personal use. Pull that chain when you see me because I am at one with you in spirit.

Please, when you read articles like this, written for the sole purpose of getting Democrats elected, remember that Democrats HATE you.

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benning said...

I drive 3 miles to work in the morning. Sometimes I am forced to walk, ride a bike, or even take the bus. This week my gas tank got perilously close to empty, so low are my funds. But the gas station on the way lowered its price to 3.46 a gallon, yesterday! So I filled the tank this morning. Dropping another 28 cents a gallon would make it easier for me. Screw the Feds and their money sucking.

Lose jobs my ass! Construction workers could afford to drive to the jobs. Unlike now.

Obama is an ass. A not-so-terribly bright ass, at that!