Monday, May 19, 2008

We Hail the New "Chimpy!"

UPDATE: I have been ordered by someone that is important to me to take my first and apparently only-one-ever-to-be-produced photoshopped artwork down. It was expressed to me that it was in extremely bad taste and could have further political fallout in the future when I run for Supreme Commander of the Entire Universe™. My apologies to whoever might have been offended, you suck because you have no sense of humor according to the Leftists.

Will this be acceptable, Mrs. No Humor At All?

Since the Left proved to us this type of humor is just flatout damn funny, we shall produce these five minute images for minimally the entire duration of President McMarxistdumbass's tenure as the chief destroyer of this country.

Send me your very own images where you compare the future President to chimps, apes, and monkeys. We can laugh and laugh. Thanks to the Left for showing us the real funny stuff. I hope no one coughs up a lung when they see this. (Honestly, I could not care less. I even held my breath trying to care less, it ain't possible.)

Welcome to the club, sir. We despise ye.

Please remember that we have a five minute limit on any image "photoshopping." Do not exceed this limit. Scout's Honor.

By the way, these two images were not flipped, rotated or edited in any way, they remain the exact way that I found them roaming the web. Stunning, huh? Credit to where they originated, I didn't even look, sorry, I will make a better effort in the future. I suck as bad as Barry does. I think that the one of the chimp smoking is from AP, now figure out which photo I am referring to.