Friday, June 13, 2008

News Flash! HBO Officially "Jumps the Shark!"

I simply cannot believe that this could possibly be true, but it is.....

Obviously, HBO is getting some of that public broadcasting money, because I can assure you, this will be the least watched comedy act since Rosie O'Fatass was on that show for helmet-wearers. You know that vagina-friendly show that was named after a Hyatt restaurant in New York? Word on the street is the vagina-friendly program now has found someone even less funny than Rosie, someone named Hoopy Goldstein or something. I always thought those Jewish folks had a great sense of humor. I might even have to try to find that program, I think that it is just antisemitism saying that a Jew is NOT funny, but you know how those Leftists are.

Sorry, the above was a typo.

What in mortal Hell has this world come to when Dana Friggin' Carvey can find work?

In the annals of a television program that has never been really funny, Dana Carvey is the rotting corpse in the potato salad. Is HBO run by Michael Moore now? I really don't watch television that much because they took "The Rat Patrol!" out of the rotation. How long has that been? Hold on.

Holy CRAP! "The Rat Patrol" has been off the air since 1968? How in the Hell have I missed that? Why it seems as if it was just last week that Tully was driving the guys around kicking that German ass! I actually think that the reason that I remember the show so well is because "Tully" is my uncle's name and he was always the coolest dude that I ever knew. Oddly enough, he grew up to become an engineer, something about those pocket protectors is just too damn cool though.

Dang it! Dana Carvey! How in the Hell did he get this gig? Is it financed by "Lilith Fair" or something?

You know what is even gayer than Dana Carvey? It would be his opening act.

Or in a pinch, maybe this.

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