Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Punching the NBA in the Junk

Believe me, I cannot stand basketball. I hate it with almost the same passion with which I hate soccer, but everyone keeps saying that it is a great way to rise from the ghetto and I have pretty much always agreed, until now.

For years, I have thought that Shaq was a good guy. He always seemed to get involved with community service in the cities where he played. He volunteered as a police officer and has been deputized by sheriff departments. Seems good enough huh?

Now I say, "Do you want your kids growing up to be the type of guy that Shaq has become, you know where he 'raps' about other guys tasting his ass?"

Look, I know that most athletes are as dumb as a box of Legos, but do we have to put up with the queer talk from our national sports figures? The very last thing that I wish to see is Kobe and Shaq in some kind of deranged sex embrace where they are licking each other. Do you not agree that basketball needs to be banned from the planet?

Shaq is gay. And wants to be gay with Kobe. Eww.

Terrible video HERE.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio AGREES with me.

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