Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday's Changapotumus Concert Update

While the orgasmically quivering media reported just last week that crowd estimates for Barry's concert in Germany were predicted to near one million fans, eclipsing the Beatles "Coming to America" Tour and rivaling the number of yearly watchers of the Super Bowl, yesterday's tally of actual concert-goers proved to be somewhat lower than original estimates. It was reported that 200,000 attended the lavish production on the stage designed for Nazi rallies by Adolf Hitler's personal architect, Albert Speer.

Then it was revised downward to 100,000.

Now it seems, that German television stations are actually reporting that the count was closer to 20,000. If this was a real production and the original attendance projection was 1,000,000, the show would have been canceled in the United States.

How can our wacked-out Leftist media report this? LIKE THIS.

But confusion, hate, and discontent REIGNS as it always does around the Obamoron.

And you heard that the Obamessiah canceled his photo-op with wounded soldiers? It was McCain's underhanded DOINGS.

HERE's a STUNNING news item. Obama is favored by roughly ten times over McCain by Americans that hate their own damn country enough to get the Hell out of it. Meaning Americans living in Great Britain, France, and Germany. un-BELIEVE-able.

Media? Unbiased and objective, as usual. Barry? Dumbass, as usual.