Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obligatory Barry Obama Post

Seriously, my lack of motivation to write yet another post on this election astounds even me. While I find the thought of El Presidente' John McCain utterly repulsive, I do think that Sarah Palin can bring about the resurgence of the Party of Fiscal Conservatism. Alas, I could be wrong.

What does interest me is the fact that there exist more than three people in the entire world that would even listen to a word that Barry Obama says. So, I embarked upon a mission to find what motivates people to vote for a complete moron. I found it, "Birds of a feather, flock together."

Barry Obama graduated from the Hawaii Lily-White Silver Spoon High School in 1979. Shortly thereafter, a new phenomena was launched upon this great nation and by default, the rest of the world. Coincidence? You decide.

Barry Obama is what is commonly known as a geek, he is not the hardcore gangbanger type, because he might get hurt and his grandparents hated black folks so that personna was never allowed to develop. He is what is commonly known to real men as a "sissy." Now we are subjected to the weirdest of the weird running for president.

He was and remains the laughing stock of the entire nation.

When he graduated from high school, Barry attempted to "find himself" which is a typical behavior shared worldwide by morons. He tried to assimilate into a community in which he was comfortable and he couldn't find it, so he basically started his own, from scratch. He is the very reason that today, certain idiots are known as "furries."

This is a little known fact of Barry's past, as well as his present, that no major news outlet will ever cover because it makes him look like a moron, which he is.

This is Barry Obama and Joe Biden at Antrocon, the major furry convention. What most media types will not admit is that the very first criteria for vetting of the VP pick for Barry was the willingness to attend this convention. When asked, Joe Biden was so drunk and hopped up on pain-killers, (plus the fact that he was still floating from sex with a seven year old boy) that he consented and the rest, as we say, is history.

The thing that should stand out most about this little hiccup in Barry's personality is the fact that he suffers from an affliction known as Zoophilia. Okay, don't click the link then. It means that he wants to hump animals. About two percent of Barry's friends agree with that desire. You know, that Bill Ayers doesn't seem so damn bad now, huh?

Uh, blow up the Capitol, or hump a ferret? One of those seems like a direct political statement, albeit wrong, the other just seems damn weird and creepy.

Anyhoo, I leave you with this. Can you imagine the success of diplomacy with this guy as your Secretary of State? Naw, me neither.

This article has as much truth in it as everything else that you have heard about Barry Obama, including, but certainly NOT limited to, the very things that he has said about himself. Vote wisely and often.

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