Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Semantics and the Politics of Morons

I have had this conversation fermenting in this Merrick-sized brain of mine for quite some time. It has now reached 14% alcohol content and is ready to breathe. Drink and enjoy.

Define liberalism: a broad array of related ideas and theories of government that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal.

Define conservatism: an adherence to long-standing, traditional values and maintaining a caution for any excess.

Traditionally, in the United States of America, the Republican Party is the liberal party and the Democrats are the conservatives. Remember, for its entire existence, the Republican Party has fought for individual rights for all people while the Democrat Party has come up with new and asinine ways to oppress black people. Yes, every single piece of legislation designed to oppress blacks was dreamed up by Democrats. Finally they passed through legislation that appeared to benefit the black/poor population and, by design, completely enslaved the very people that it was designed to help. Now, blacks dine exclusively at the trough of their slave masters, the conservatives, yes, Democrats.

Oddly enough, it is the exact same now, just the major information outlets somehow got us to switch the descriptive terms around. How exactly they did that, I have no clue. But, it was probably because they want total control over the population and being conservative is BAD. Notice how they consistently say that the neo-conservatives are the inbred, white, hillbilly trash? Wonder why it is necessary to call us, the NEO conservatives? Well, it is from their perversion of the language. They know, but they do not tell.

To use these terms properly, please allow me to let the stream flow unimpeded. Firehose at a teacup time.

Our country was founded on the principles of individual freedom. We even have the amendments to our Constitution called The Bill of Rights. These are individual freedoms guaranteed by the government of our loosely confederated states.

The liberal mentality was always one of freedom FROM government intrusion and the conservative mentality was one of government control. King George was a conservative, Thomas Payne was a liberal. Thomas Payne would refer to Barry Obama as "the completest charlatan that ever existed" just as he did Napoleon and his dictatorship.

What we have discovered in this country is a complete perversion of our language to the extent that we accept a man that wants nothing but total federal government control over every aspect of our lives and we call that guy THE MOST LIBERAL OFFICIAL IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

Now, please keep in mind what those two terms REALLY mean, not by today's standards, but the damn definitions. And also keep in mind, that by all accounts in history, the terms LEFT and RIGHT wingers have always been used in the same way that they are now. Left = liberal, Right = conservative.

The most oppressive form of lifestyle is slavery, that means absolutely ZERO individual rights. The ownership of a human being by another human being. While I am not a big proponent of slavery, unless said slaves are midgets, indentured servitude is not unattractive to me. If a poor person doesn't have the wealth needed to get to this country, they willingly surrender their lives for a certain amount of time to another person, to receive passage to the United States. No, Moonbeam, there exist no people stupid enough to want to go to any other country.

In this presidential election, there is a glaring difference between the TWO candidates. No, there are only two candidates, if you think that "third parties" are viable, please sit this cycle out. You also need to avoid driving and cooking with heat.

Barry Obama has written in numerous publications that he is a fascist. He supports federal government control over all of the individual and states rights. He supports a totalitarian government. This means slavery of all people except for the ruling class. His CONSERVATIVE views on government and freedom are well documented and every time he opens his piehole, more of his beliefs become known to most.

However, there is something that attracts even the people that know what he believes. It is the fact that he is Halfrican-American. They ignore the fact that he is a silver-spoon baby, has never held a job for his entire life, and has been supported solely from the money of his handlers. He is a puppet for those that want nothing but to enslave the population and return to the caste system of government.

Hence his backers. Namely, George Soros, the Hungarian SPECULATOR that profits solely from financial market changes. Oddly enough, you never hear ever about the market change that brought about Soros' huge wealth of billions. Google "Black Wednesday-1992." George Soros attempted to manipulate the newly formed European Union and when Great Britain balked, Soros led a run on the market, virtually bankrupting Great Britain. George Soros is not a nice person, he is the guy that always ties Bond up and tells of his plan to feed Bond to sharks, only to be foiled at the last moment. And Soros OWNS Barry Obama. Barry is Soros' organ grinder monkey.

Do you find it odd that a man that tried to destroy the financial integrity of the entire world is called a "philanthropist" by the national media? A man that attempted to ruin the financial well-being of every human being on the planet is the man that finances Barry Obama. Please do not shrug that off. A man that wants nothing but the entire population of the world under his control, as his slaves, has hand-picked Barry Obama to be President of the United States of America. Feel that in your bones. Because it is the truth.

Next up, we have John McCain, an ordinary guy that has done extraordinary things. He is no genius, otherwise the mainstream press would have never loved him, but he is not owned by a man intent on controlling the world, like Barry Obama is.

McCain is honestly doing what he thinks is right, albeit, he is misled. However, he made the huge mistake of picking Sarah Palin as a running mate. She has the philosophy necessary to get us back on track. And we, the common man guaranteed the control of our federal government by the Constitution, have rejoiced. Even folks that were lined up to blow Barry saw something in Sarah Palin that cranked their tractor.

And hilarity ensues. The mainstream press, while never asking a single question of Barry's ties to anyone in his past, has gone full force against Sarah Palin. What gives?

Remember back in the 1600's when no one could read or write? Of course you do, you were young, but still you remember it like it was yesterday. The same people that controlled the world then are the same people that write for daily papers and read the nightly news. They want their power back and they want it bad.

Try to picture Keith Olbermann actually walking his dog. Impossible, right? Of course, his type has never accomplished anything except be fed grapes by slaves. He is the same now as he was in the 1600's.

I say that we, the uneducated masses, refuse to be enslaved again. I want to earn what I can and keep what I earn. I refuse to be a slave again.

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Unknown said...

Even folks that were lined up to blow Barry saw something in Sarah Palin that cranked their tractor.

Now that's rich!

Great post, consider yourself bookmarked.

Paul Mitchell said...

I find it really strange that the first time that I ever make a reference to James Bond immediately upon hitting publish, "M" shows up.

This is not a death threat, huh, M?

Thanks for the kind words.