Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Brain like an Etch-A-Sketch

Uh, Tooly McSupermoron, those seances you referenced were conducted by Shrillery Clinton to contact Eleanor Roosevelt, but great uniting by showing that awesome caring to an elderly woman with a broken hip. That tremendous brain power of yours is amazing! Here's to an unsuccessful electoral college vote count for the Obamoron. Asshole.

HOPE/CHANGE! Who's next?

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Shaw Kenawe said...

Uh, Tooly McSupermoron,

Cute. Very cute. And somewhat creative.

But wrong, of course.

Anyway, mr. two dog, does making up funny, degrading names for an incoming president show maturity?

I'm just asking because you think I'm the one who's immature.

Now I'm off to get ready for the Pats!

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the comment, Shaw. Keep coming back, we'll try to lead you in the right direction. First step is to get you to stop rooting for the racists of Boston.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You mean the racists who elected Deval Patrick as their governor? And the first Afro-American Senator since reconstruction, Sen. Edward Brooke?

And tell me, kind sir, how many black US Representatives, US Senators and Governors have you elected in Mississippi?

There are racists everywhere, in every state in the Union. However, some of us are learning to leave that ugly part of our history in the ditch, where it belongs.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"...two were from MISSISSIPPI"

Since I mentioned Ed Brooke was the first A.A. Senator SINCE reconstruction, I should have been more specific when I asked about Mississippi. I did know that just after the Civil War and BEFORE Senators were popularly elected, the South sent two AAs to Washington.

But since the 20th Century--NOTHING.

And I understand that you would have a high percentage of AAs in the State legislature--D'uh! But how many, SINCE RECONSTRUCTION, have you sent--in a statewide election--to Washington?

I have no illusions about Boston being a racist city. I live in Boston. But it is a million times better than it was. Boston was also prejudiced against the Irish, the Italians, and every "other" that moved in.

Racism is a product of ignorance and poor education.

Paul Mitchell said...

Sorry, again, I have no illusions about you actually doing any research of your own, Shaw. But, still I shall try to keep you from sounding too stupid.

Google Bennie Thompson or Mike Espy.

Anonymous said...

To Obama's defense...he did call Nancy immediately and apologized. ;)

Shaw Kenawe said...

I stand corrected on Espy and Thompson, but they're US Reps. not Senators.

Espy and Thompson were elected from Mississippi's 2nd Congressional District, Mississippi's second congressional district is the only majority-black district in the state, covering much of western Mississippi.

And if you read my reply up there, you'll see I was talking about Senators. How many AA Senators since reconstruction has Mississippi sent to Washington?

Senators are elected in statewide elections.

BTW: Do you know any other adjectives besides "stupid?" You seem to be stuck on that one.

My dear, dear Grandmother used to say "Don't spit in the wind, it'll come back and land on you."

Paul Mitchell said...

You asked about statewide election, Shaw. I answered your question. Besides there have only been three other black senators in history. Carol Mosely Braun, Bark Obama, and Edward Brooke. Please understand also that there have only been 123 black folks in Congress since Reconstruction. So, whether or not you know it, your argument is GROSSLY MISINFORMED. How about that one?

Please don't discount Senator Revels though, that is insulting.