Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Morning, Wesley Mouch

There is a news show on Sunday morning called, "This Week - Blithering Insanities with Georgie the Oiled-Up Loveboy." This morning, the wee-fancy lad, Bill Clinton's main squeeze, had some moron on his show to talk about the killing of the producing people and giving the money from their murder to the most incompetent. I really can't remember, but I think the Halfrican American guy on here is named "Wesley Mouch." But I could be wrong.

0:58 of your life watching the morons admit that competent people should be "sacrificed" for the greater good.

My opinion, the same as all the other Republicans, LET'S WORK WITH THIS GUY to slit our throats, he's bi-partisan. (He's also anti-intelligence.)

But here's a bit of good news, the Voluntary Slavery Site that Barry Obama and Colin Powell set up,, decided to remove their name from the sponsorship of a SHOE-THROWING event. The future WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™ and his house-boy decided that maybe the shoe-throwing event could be misinterpreted as they like Iraqi America Hating Crazy Muslims better than US citizens. They wanna keep that on the downlow.

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(Hat-Tip: Gateway Pundit)


ChristinaJade said...

yeah, aren't going to be able to get it all done within the schedule. DUH! already starting the hope and change reversal process, eh?

bringing up this whole service thing reminds me that i can't stand that guy. actually, pretty much EVERYTHING reminds me that i can't stand that guy.

the whole thought of service if you want to is great, but when they start talking about mandatory this and that, the little "socialism coming" hairs on the back of my neck start to tingle, and i think of fleeing the country. my kid being FORCED into boot camp? DON'T THINK SO