Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blackuary One 2009 - The Linkdump

I wanted to write a moving post that would solve all the ills that we are currently facing. I wanted to write a post that removed years of Democrat racism from history books and showed the entire population of the planet why individual liberty and complete freedom was the answer to all of the wrongs in the world today. I wanted to write a post to prove to all black folks that voting for the first black president shall become the scab picking act that returns them to the cotton fields.

But, alas, 95% of the people in the world are too stupid to understand any of those ideologies, so I will just point out the occurrences on this day in history and then make fun of the first post-racial president that is a avowed racist. That seems like a good idea.

This day in history:

1862: Julia Ward Howe's poem "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was published in the Atlantic Monthly. (Subtitled: "It's not a democracy, morons!")

1960: Four black college students began a series of sit-ins at a white-only lunch counter in Woolworth’s, Greensboro, N.C. (First lunch counter anywhere to serve Lay's Hot Fries with a strawberry DRANK and watermelon pie.)

2003: The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated as it tried to reenter the Earth's atmosphere after a sixteen-day mission in space. All seven members of the crew were lost. (George W. Bush, the racist Republican, so hated black folks that he destroyed an entire crew and the shuttle, just to kill ONE MAN. The two women he also killed were just referred to as "Added Gravy.")

News about the post-racial racist president:

Our new WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™ has MANDATED that all people currently employed under government contracts shall REMAIN FORCED TO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. This means that if a government contractor loses the bid and another wins the bid, the winner is FORCED to hire the losing contractor's employees. Please tell me how this is NOT slavery?

In the post-racial environment, white people have now become the object of the racism of the Democrat Party. The Obamessiah's FEMA squad has so thoroughly botched the rescue effort surrounding Barry's Climate Disaster in Kentucky that over forty white people have already DIED. Here are Barry's very own words read from his very own book about HIS HATRED FOR WHITE PEOPLE. Barry hates white people even more than George W. Bush hates black people! Barry LIED! White people DIED!

Using Barry Obama's own marginal grasp of basic mathematics, we arrive at the tally of white people dead from his hatred of them and his bungling of salvation for people stricken with a natural disaster. 35,000 WHITE PEOPLE DEAD!!

The "Honorary Black People Squad," better known as the "KosKids," has taken upon their drooping, marijuana lugging shoulders to LYNCH A WHITE MAN!

The "Honorary Black People for a Cooler Planet," better known as "Morons that Worship Anthropomorphic Global Warming Hysteria of Mother Gaia," want to STERILIZE ALL WHITE PEOPLE!

The "Honorary Black People for Equal Employment," better known as "Criminals in the Union Gangs," have found the greatest number of new gang members being beaten into the gang from the ever increasing number of WHITE PEOPLE WORKING FOR THE SLAVEMASTER!

The Slavemaster, Barry Obama, has decided to FORCE the slaves at General Motors to take their portion of the bailout money and give it to the BROWN PEOPLE OF BRAZIL!

The Slavemaster, Barry Obama, congratulates the BROWN PEOPLE at the United Nations for their success in freeing the BROWN PEOPLE OF IRAQ! The BPOI celebrate their new found freedom by shooting guns INTO THE AIR!

Finally, in historical news of a regional nature, our highly paid correspondent from East Tejas sends in this pictorial definition of "ASS-CRACK."

(Contract Employee Note to all Highly Paid Regional Correspondents: Please begin construction on your new corporate mandated banking facility, the FDIC doesn't insure the amount of money that we distribute on a monthly basis to all of our contract reporters.)

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Steve B said...

This post is a hate crime. Please turn yourself into the nearest Thought Monitor for re-education.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, I thought that you were out of touch for a couple of days. keep us posted on developments.

Anon, thanks for the comment, I am only going on PERFORMANCE. Worst Dow closing ever, 42 people dead in Kentucky because of Barry's incompetent FEMA, Iran shall have nuclear weapons within the year, closing of Camp Delta at Guantanamo that only cost 24 million dollars four years ago to build, etc. Barry is probably the only person ALIVE ON EARTH, that could be as big a failure as to make everyone with an IQ over 80 miss the Hell out of Bush.

And wait until his ideology and legislation starts killing the poor morons that elected him, just like Stalin's and Mao's.