Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Shall Be at the State House on Wednesday

Most of you are well aware that the New Moron President has decided to try to shift our country to the FAIL model of government even more so than his predecessors. In an effort to push back against an even larger federal government, those that are limited government types have organized Tea Parties across the entire country to protest this federal government expansion. Philosophically, I am in their camp, but I am not the protesting type.


I am an individualist that seeks like-minded people with whom to TRADE. I am also a Billy Badass that defends those who share my own philosophy because I stand to benefit from their individual success.

And NEVER, I mean EVER, threaten women with violence anywhere around me. Billy Badass DOES NOT play that shit.

Lemme show you the "reasoned debate" from someone that wants to FORCE you to support them.
From Huffington Post: Video of Tea Party insanity: "Burn the books!"

From HonestAmerican: The #teaparty violence is coming. Keep children at home.

From jimnnoke: Hey tea baggers, going to send back the Obama Stimulus middle class tax refund check when it comes?

From Cody_Kessler: RT Shoq: RT cindyscott54: SUCK IT #TCOT !!

From tqjones44: Fox News is going dn 4 inciting violence & anarchy..massive calling effort underway in2 every single 1 of their advertisers

Here's the rub in this, they honestly think that they are RIGHT in their hatred. Plus, they are too stupid to understand or too incompetent to think past WHAT THEY WERE TOLD.

Lemme impart a little wisdom.

It is NOT WRONG for you to want people to SUPPORT THEMSELVES.

It is NOT WRONG for you to want to MAKE A PROFIT.

It is NOT WRONG for you to WORSHIP G_D.



It is NOT WRONG for you to EAT MEAT.


It is NOT WRONG for you to PRAY IN PUBLIC.

However, it IS WRONG for you to try to FORCE others to do as you decide to do. That is the nature of being a liberal. The liberal mindset is that humans must be FORCED to do as liberals say.

I REFUSE. I want to take this opportunity to tell all liberals, "YOU ARE NOT MY MASTER. I AM."

Join me.

Find a Tea Party close to you, and BE THERE.

Take the kids, too. If violence happens, let them see who it is that starts it, and let them see who stops it. They need to witness what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

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Marsha Thompson said...

I am going to 2 Tea Parties in Delaware on Wednesday. I haven't been the protesting type either until now and I find it funny how the libs are the ones who always have protests about something, and alot of them are violent.

Now, when Americans who are tired of what the government is doing want to make their voices heard, the libs are going nuts!

Anyway, I love your blog mean ol' meany! Keep up the good work!

Paul Mitchell said...

Those that have a vested interest in big government would squeal when their meal ticket is threatened.

Thanks for the kind words.

Danielle said...

I'm so glad you'll be there! If you won't let me interview you, at least let me shake your hand!

Paul Mitchell said...

MM, I never say anything in my life that cannot be quoted anywhere and at anytime.

And once I start talking, I rarely shut up.

Just do that "looks like a human being is on fire over there" look and run away while I am distracted.

Steve B said...

From the sounds of it, in the Progressive world, there would have been no Boston Tea Party, because it would have been "wrong" to oppose the British. Should we just start calling the Progs "Torries" instead?

MLK drummed up a lot of protestors. Would the Progs have us believe he was wrong?

To the Progs, opposing the government is only wrong when they are running the show.

Oppose unfair taxation? You are a dangerous subversive, a violent thug who must be condemned.

Carry a sign with a bullseye on a red-horned Pres. Bush's face? You're speaking the truth to power, baby.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, I'm going to "Speak truth to stupidity."

And to make sure no wimmens gets hurts.

ChristinaJade said...

I will be heading to the tea party in Paducah around 5:30. should be lovely. although i do have white gloves, i don't see myself wearing them. thought about dressing up as Alice in Wonderland, though. leftover costume from disneyworld.

Shut up.

several local businesses have donated iced tea and the ocal talk radio stations are sponsoring the whole thing. these are the times when Kentucky is wonderful.

Skunkfeathers said...

You guys are making me rethink attending the Denver Tea Party on the 15th ;)

Paul Mitchell said...

SF, you should definitely go. Big dude like you can protects da wimmerns.

ChristinaJade said...

yeah, Skunkfeathers, you should go. i had thought about going to Nashville just so i could hit a bigger one than Paducah, KY will have.

i bet Denver will be awesome! surely someone there will dress as Alice - or possible the Mad Hatter. :)

ChristinaJade said...

TD - edit that previous comment to a "possibLY" - grammar fail!

Skunkfeathers said...

I'm sure in Denver I'll see every manner -- and manure -- of character turn out. And yeah, at 6'2" and 240, I reckon I can handle myself and stand for those who might need a little standing for. But I reckon the cops will keep most of the moonbats in check.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Obama Taxpayer Tea Parties steeped in insanity,0,3158535.story

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, ANON, I just cannot figure out why the LA Times is going bankrupt. Wow, just wow.