Monday, June 08, 2009

Quick Hit - An Update

We are currently re-tooling the factory that produces this blog. I know, the wait of two days for more exciting news is tuuuurrible, but Jimmy Pete dropped a wrench in the spokes and tore some stuff up.

That said, with work kicking my ass and a new philosophy that simply states, "ONLY POSITIVE OBAMA SPOKEN HERE," we might not post for another three point five years.

Or tomorrow, whichever comes first.

Anyhoo, to get you through tomorrow or three point five years, HERE's the NCAA Footbaw Top Ten Preseason Polling, as performed by Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Da Gates look strong. SHOCKA!

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Joubert said...

Ugh! Haloscan down again.


I've tried. God knows I've tried.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, if I was only going to cover Obama in a positive light, I would just have to say nothing about him at all. The reason that it is UNpossible to say anything positive about him, is because the only thing you can say has already been said by Joe Biden. "He's clean."

That was the smartest thing that Joe Biden has ever said.