Saturday, July 25, 2009

Epiphany of Why Liberals Hate Humans

Since the past is indicative of the future events in a SANE world, I check past results to determine the most logical future performance. Buckle up, this might be fun.

Do you recall in the 2004 elections when all the Liberals said that they did not know anyone that voted for George W. Bush for President? This is a very good CLUE in why Liberals push all of their pet projects that thinking people know would cost HUMAN LIVES. I mean, other than the fact that they are ridiculously STUPID.

They hang out with other people that even they HATE. Who the Hell would not want to rid the planet of human beings if the only humans they knew were like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton? Dang, I cannot believe it took me this damn long to recognize that blatantly obvious fact!

Yeah, I do have liberal friends, but HELL! I never ask them their opinion on anything other than at which restaurant they want to dine, or if they like a song, or not. I would never ask their opinion on anything that requires thought, that would be mentally suicidal. Who the Hell wants to listen to the babbling of an obvious lunatic that sounds like this?

I also have a nineteen year old son and NEVER ONCE have I asked him about investing my money or whether I needed to do some refinancing or something similar. The same LOGIC exists when speaking to a Liberal, they do not have a grasp of REALITY that allows them to understand FACTS, MATH, OR SCIENCE.

Just yesterday, I received notification that my medical insurance shall not be renewed at the end of this contract. The reason for this is that the insurer sees the writing on the wall and they are SPECULATING on the direction of the medical insurers industry. They do not want to assume the risks involved in covering every ridiculous bullshit malady that those on the Left invent daily.

HOLY SHIT! Restless Leg Syndrome needs to be covered? Oh, I know it is a terrible malady, but it is in your damn HEAD. Grow some nuts and keep your fucking leg still, Moonbeam or get a job test riding bicycles.

Y'all pretty much know the stuff I read daily because I am a linker to the stuff that strikes my fancy. This morning at Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft has a post about the EXTENSIVE LIES from the Obamoron Administration concerning their "medical insurance" bill. Read the comment thread, there is a definitive liberal there that possesses the intelligence of a carnival stuffed prize.

Folks, make no mistake, this Bill is NOT about reducing costs of medical services. If it were, they would address the moronic regulations that government has placed on the medical profession and insurers. It would also address some form of tort reform to keep John Edwards from channeling another dead baby in the courtroom. It is not even about control in my opinion, it is about reducing population. It is about KILLING poor people, undesirable minorities, philosophical opponents, and the elderly and handicapped.

Furthermore, every single proposal that has come from this administration and the Congress is about reducing success and freedom. For crying out loud, they RULED that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant! What kind of idiot would do that? TELL ME!!!

Why would Obama continue lying about what the Democrats are trying to FORCE on the citizens of our country?

I was really curious to know how this program would cut costs, UNTIL I READ THIS. Welcome to Epiphany Saturday on Twittah!

By the way, here are the THREVE* HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION BAZILLION folks that currently are uninsured.

Please take the time to comment.

* This is an unknown number, somewhere between three and five.


Skunkfeathers said...

Barry's hellth care bill is nothing about containing costs or "covering" everyone; it is all about CONTROL. That is all it is about. CONTROL. Liberals have always wanted CONTROL to tell us how to live, and tell us WHO can live and WHO has a duty to die. Now is their chance to jam their "holier than thou" notions down our throats. Time will come when it gets jammed right back.

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, I honestly believe they want everyone to die, even their own kind. I think they want all happiness to die, all success, and to increase misery to the point that everyone just accepts death as a more humane thing than living.