Monday, July 20, 2009

I Be Bored

I have made the attempt to begin to sleep like normal humans, so I am back to that dreaded five hour a night sleep cycle in an attempt to have even more energy. This is having a negative effect on my awesomeness because now I no longer have the huge bags under my eyes and the Thorazine Shuffle walk that has become one of my trademarks.

In the morgue over this past week, Walter Cronkite. In case you were unaware, Cronkite was a POS Libtard. I can remember my grandfather losing his shit over Cronkite being a Communist as far back at the late 1960s. Pop hated Cronkite even more than he hated Dan Rather, too, which is an awful lot. You see, my grandfather was a great American. Unlike >99% of our national media folks.

Also, today is the fortieth anniversary of the lunar landing and the first man walking on the moon. Back in 1969, my family and I went to Daytona Beach for the family vacation, we went to Silver Springs, some whale-jumping bullshit place, hung out on the beach, and traveled to Cape Kennedy to satisfy the whims of an ALMOST five year old little boy. During the trip to Kennedy, I went through a mock-up of the lunar landing module, the splashdown capsule, and actually took photographs of Apollo 11 on the launching pad. I need to get those photos scanned, too. No one believes that I actually have those, but y'all shall see, you unbelievers.

Anyhoo, the American exceptionalism is gone, now. That trait has been replaced by a needy, spoon-fed bunch of pantywaists that are quickly moving to appease those that are honor bound to destroy the spirit of success that has been Americana since the beginning of this country. Please understand that John F. Kennedy had NOTHING to do with the lunar landing, he had been dead and buried for over five years when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the landing module. Kennedy was a precursor to the precursor of President Disaster. Yes, during World War II, John Kennedy proved his mettle. After World War II, John Kennedy proved that the Kennedy KLAN was POS Libtards that hated this country. Teddy Kennedy, the murdering drunk, continues that legacy.

By the way, it needs to be pointed out that we now have the most inept Executive Branch than has ever existed in this country, the biggest spending Congress that we have ever had in this country, and the most corrupt national media that has ever existed on the planet, INCLUDING the propaganda arm of the Soviets. But, Obama and his cohorts still claim that this economic meltdown is because of Republicans. And the media continues to publish the government's lies. In case you are wondering, yes, Obama is a record-setting imbecile.

To inject some sanity into your day, here's some Ann:

Until normal people cast off the shackles and start speaking up about the corruption at the federal level, more failure is guaranteed. One point one-nine MILLION US dollars for two pounds of ham, for the love of G_d, man.

By the way, can someone please tell me why it is easier to just remove the deployment orders for ONE SOLDIER instead of just simply producing a legitimate birth certificate FOR THE FRIGGING PRESIDENT?!?!?!? HOPE! CHANGE! TRANSPARENCY!

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ChristinaJade said...

Watch this press conference by Dr. Taitz about Major Cook. Pretty informative.

My word is bibilivi. That was too much fun to NOT SHARE. :)

classicaliberal said...

Is Ann married? I want her to be the mother of my children...

Paul Mitchell said...

CL, Ann is not married, but I really do not think that is YOUR problem. I think that your smoking hot wife might have a problem with you cavorting with Ann.

CJ, BEHAVE. I mean it.

classicaliberal said...

Yeah... you're right. But a feller can dream, can't he?

Paul Mitchell said...

Sure we can, post some photos of your wife! HA!

ChristinaJade said...

...and you're telling ME to behave?

Gheesh. ;)

Andy said... are a "trooper" of the highest rank! I've about learned to back off when CL & TD (I mean Paul) get started.

So...pitchers would be nice CL.

I'm going back to look at CL's AGW post more closely. It looked good...

christinajade said...

Watch this press conference by Dr. Taitz about Major Cook. Pretty informative.

My word is bibilivi. That was too much fun to NOT SHARE. :)

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