Friday, August 07, 2009

Folder Cleaning Friday!

I collect so many links that do not fit the daily meme, but need to be shared, that I had to buy a separate folder to keep all those bookmarks in. Gotta clean that bad boy out, NOW.

Our old nemesis, Cynthia Tucker, is, quite frankly, a lying, racist, imbecilic retarded dipshit.

Ann Coulter, on the other hand, is NOT.

The new Obamacare logo.

Meet the MOB.

Meet the MOBWatch. Are y'all concerned YET?

LITERALLY, the Obamoron Administration cannot follow the law.

When Liberals get mad, they find the most weak and helpless, then attack those weakest with physical violence.

It is because Liberals are SPINELESS and prey on the weak.

Here is a perfect depiction of my absolute explanation of the economy today. The only reason that I did not make this video is that I cannot go yard.

Two Words: Corch's Poll.

With the huge DDoS attack this week on Twittah, Facebook, Google, and Livejournal, I think it would be best to let y'all know a little about social media.

Mashable's Twittah Guidebook.

The attacks continue.

24 problems with the Twittah.

Nelly Beer. (Shit, I think that Gnutcase sent this to me, but I could be very wrong.)

Since the Left has been ordered by the President to physically attack individuals that are exercising their First Amendment right, get ready to kick back with four times the force that they use.

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ChristinaJade said...

Thanks for the linky thing. :) Mob Watch on Twitter. Next thing ya know they will be sitting in black suburbans across the street. YAY!

That beer video is the funniest damn thing ever. Well, for today, anyway.