Friday, August 07, 2009


I have said many times on this blog that the main reason that I keep posting is because the folks that do visit become almost like family and I want to talk to them. The conversation continues as always and we might disagree on occasion, but in the end everyone is still friendly and we all get along.

That said, flood this post. NOW. Say something.

Please take the time to comment.


Skunkfeathers said...

Flood flood flood flood tidal f***ing wave, tsu-f***ing-nami, rivulet, freshet, monsoon, downpour, cow pissin' on flat rock....

Consider this h'yar flooded ;-)

John Braxton said...

I apologize if this isn't the correct place for it but I'm sorta new to posting on these things.

This question is unrelated to the topic at hand.

Where do you stand on gay rights? My friends and I have been following your blog for quite some time and agree with nearly everything you say but neither of us can recall a moment where you made a clear stand on homosexuals and their rights as people. Maybe you did.

Also, we'd like to invite you to a chat session at a later date to do an interview for the local college paper around here. Interested?

Thank you for your time.

Andy said...

Aw crap Paul!

Dangit! Aw crap...

It does feel like FAMILY.

Dadgummit, you know that I cry like a baby about this kinda stuff. I know you can't see snot and tears on a comment...

Thanks. I will quit now because I can not say it better than just "Thanks."

Jan said...

I don't really have a question or anything intelligent to add. You are on my reader and I read you but mostly lurk. Can I be part of your family? Can I bring my dogs?

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Skunks.

Andy, quit being such a baby.

Jan, I read your stuff in the reader, too. Dogs are more than welcome, but if you got cats, keep them off my damn cars and my black trousers.

Mr. Braxton, I do appreciate your friends and you reading my stuff, don't keep silent, I blog for the conversation and comments.

As far as your question, I am unaware of any rights that are not supposed to apply to all people, equally. In addition, I am assuming that specifically you mean marriage because I do not want anyone screwing in public. Well, maybe some people, but I need to be the one picking the participants. Some folks should not be allowed to wear shorts in public.

The sanction of any marriage by any government body is for the sole purpose of taxation. Government should never have any say in the contractual agreements between any two individuals unless those individuals run into problems that THEY dispute in the courts. Adding further government involvement is asinine. In other words, gays, straights, and bisexuals should band together to remove all government sanction of any marriage instead of what we are currently doing.

All people should be fighting government sanctions or restrictions on all personal business. Quite frankly, gays ASKING for government to be involved in their individual dealings with their partners is STUPID. Straight folks should be fighting for the same freedom from government that the gay community has instead of the other way around.

And I would be more than happy to chat with some college kids. Y'all must be suicidal or something. My e-mail is is on the sidebar.

Andy said...

"Andy, quit being such a baby."

RPM, I can't hep it...

Trust me, I have tried.

I guess I've got some unresolved issues that do not allow me to. Maybe Momma did not breast-feed me long enough or something...I will have to aks Oprah.

HA!!!! My word verification is "supusy"

classicaliberal said...

I am in favor of the weight to clothing ratio. It works like this; the amount of clothing you're required to wear is directly proportionate to your weight. You can always wear more clothing than your weight to clothing ratio requires, but never less. That way we get things like this and avoid things like this!

Paul Mitchell said...

But, CL, there can never be hard fast rules on the clothing to weight ratio thingy, otherwise you wind up with THIS .

Let's just agree to let me control this, it shall turn out to your liking. Trust me.

John Braxton said...

It's been my experience that those of the farther right are less tolerable of gay rights (maybe there should be a blog post about this?) and I've never 100% understood why.

You bring up interesting points though. We'll try and get something together and be in touch. Of course, feel free to continue this topic with me if you like. I also bring it up because it's been a bit of a hotbed at my school lately and am curious as to others very general opinions of it. Don't want to get too into details as it would be unfair to the person involved where they to read it here.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mr. Braxton, your terminology is incorrect in my opinion. A person that is far right is an anarchist, they do not want any government, those on the far left want total government control. Oddly, BOTH of these groups vote Democrat which makes ZERO sense. To see anarchists and Marxists marching together tells me that Democrats are morons.

People who vote Republican are generally the very epitome of the center of the political spectrum. John McCain would be very much to the left of center in my opinion.

Again, I am unaware of anything in Constitution that says anything about sexual activities, so in my understanding of our Constitution, there is no such thing as "gay rights." There is no such thing as "heterosexual rights" either. That is a non-issue to me.

classicaliberal said...

Jeebus... I thought my pic was bad. You win. You get to decide

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for the confidence, CL, I shall NOT disappoint.

By the way, Kate Beckinsale shall be required to stay unclad in the ideal world.