Thursday, September 03, 2009

Well, I Shall Be Unavailable TONIGHT!!!!!!

Yes, it is today, Homers. In approximately two hours and fifteen minutes, I shall be watching college footbaw. Call all you want to, it shall go to voicemail. E-mail me all you want to, I shall answer tomorrow.

Later. Here's some links to fill the void between now and then.

The Google has added SCHEDULES to the Google Calendar. I do believe this shall be the death for The Four Letter online. Good riddance.

The final Fulmer Cup standings have been released. This year's winner loser winner is CHECK IT.

THE DEFINITIVE CHEERLEADER SITE!!! (Remember there are less than 2.5 hours to kickoff!)

And last, but certainly NOT least, The Andy Family gene pool got kinda shallow at the very end. Did you know footbaw started tonight? Geez.....


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Skunkfeathers said...

Just when I thought I was moments from serious DTs...FOOTBALL!!!! Ah, my season is h'yar!

And word verifier was "derclip" for one in a kick off near you ;)

Texas Shooter said...

Halftime! ...and South Carolina is showing a national audience just how good SEC Defenses can be, even the ones that may not finish with a winning record.

Texas Shooter said...

Oh, and where can I donate a few bucks to help GET LOU HOLTZ A DECENT SET OF FREAKIN' DENTURES????

I dread yet another season of Lou sthpittin' and sthputterin' a half time, like he is right now!


Andy said...

Paul, we don't talk about "baby brother" much. It was really sweet, because he was so sincere and concerned.

He loves me.

And since we're talking the current game...this is quite possibly the suckiest college football game I have ever looked at!

Spurrier has only had ninety years to learn about building an offense. The Cocks Suck! I vote for impeachment from the SEC. They're playing the stinkin' Wolfpack for heaven's sake.

They make my baby brother seem competent.

ChristinaJade said...

Good grief - how many times did Wilson get sacked in that game? NC State brought the SUCKAGE tonight. I even got up from a nap to watch that crap.

classicaliberal said...

LeGarrette Blount!

Skunkfeathers said...

WOLVERINES! Wait...wrong blog.

;) The game may have sucked, but it's FOOTBALL ;)

Andy said...

CL, the boy definitely has a wicked right cross...

Paul Mitchell said...

Y'all, I am nursing a serious grape headache, but I just wanted to say, only in this blog's comments can you read, "The Cocks SUCK."

Andy said...

What retard wrote something like that?

Hey man...they got this new stuff called "aspirin" that might give you some relief. Don't bother to thank me.

Seriously man...get better.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I am about 35% full speed right now, I shall be ready to climb on a roof tomorrow and MISS opening day in the SEC. PAUL FAIL!

paul mitchell said...

Y'all, I am nursing a serious grape headache, but I just wanted to say, only in this blog's comments can you read, "The Cocks SUCK."

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