Thursday, November 05, 2009

Philosophy - Hodge and Podge

I have pondered this topic many times in the past. I have written about it, I have spoken at great lengths about it, and I have read much on the subject, but always, my philosophy and ideology drive my daily actions. Some refer to me as insensitive and uncaring, but that is because their interpretation of those words borders on the criminally insane.

What I mean by the insanity comment is that most people, that actually care about other people, want everyone to become successful and have the things that they need and want. The differences between the two ideological bents is the direction in which to achieve those ends. Currently, the "liberal" mindset is that no one can accomplish anything without great amounts of help from outside sources. The "conservative" mindset is exactly the opposite, they believe in the old adage, "Teach a man to fish...." which is a minimal amount of support and help.

Where this discussion leads is to the political divide that we are currently experiencing in our country today. Currently, and for the past two years, the Idiot Party has been running the show in DC, passing stupid legislation that has done more and more to swell the rolls of the poor and unemployed. There are those that deny this by pointing to President George W. Bush and his "mishandling" of things, but facts remain that the decline in the wealth of this country began with the passing of the increase of minimum wage that always gives us higher unemployment. ALWAYS. I called it, and the Barrystream Media is forever STUNNED that unemployment has skyrocketed with Bush's signing of that Moron Party legislation. Historical evidence that even having a minimum wage threshold is a terribly bad idea? Oh, just fuck THAT.

In the past coupla days we have seen both sides of the political spectrum talk about what Tuesday's elections meant. Lemme chime in on that.

They meant NOTHING. This FACT is simple to understand, too. Both parties have become parties of an activist government on two sides of the same coin. Both parties want to pass their pet legislation and swell the size of government. Although the Republican Party is the only one that actually has the ideology that works, they still make moves contrary to their desired end goal.

Please, Democrats are fucking morons. They always have been and they always shall be. There is not a single Democrat that is even remotely intelligent and they count on a stupid populace to get elected, hence their consistent dumbing down of our educational system. If you vote for a Democrat, you are just ignorant of mathematics, science, and history. Sorry, that is simply the truth. You can change that fact about yourself, but you have to want to gather the knowledge necessary to survive without everyone carrying you throughout your life.

In fact, our local paper has THIS to say about the economy. Can someone please tell me HOW THE FUCK extending unemployment benefits HELPS the economy? Can someone else please tell me HOW THE FUCK this passes our United States Senate without a single NO VOTE? There is not a single tidbit of information in this article that makes a single tidbit of frigging sense. The only thing that this does is DRAG those that are still working DOWN by saddling them with paying MORE to those that are not working. Remember, the government produces nothing that generates a profit, that money comes from those that pay taxes.

Furthermore, PROFIT IS GOOD. The current move in DC is to strip the profit motive from medical services and the subsequent businesses that support that industry. How can this possibly be GOOD? Currently, the pre-paid medical insurers are garnering a WHOPPING two point percent profit margin. Why even sell this service for that minuscule amount of money? NO ANSWER. But, let's get government involved because you know for a fact only the most intelligent and ethical people go into politics. Folks, insanity reigns supreme in our country right now because we have lost our DREAM.

Which brings us back to Tuesday's elections. True enough, Republicans did pick up state offices in Virginia and New Jersey, but the NY-23 national office went to the Moron Party with the help of the Republican that withdrew just days before the race. The Republican chose to back the Democrat over a more "conservative" candidate. What does this tell you? Refer to this prior statement in this post, "If you vote for a Democrat, you are just ignorant of mathematics, science, and history." I think that covers all the bases, huh?

As I write this post, reports are filtering in about an armed attack on Fort Hood, Texas. What are the possible implications of this with our current federal government? The first thing that you think, IF you are not an idiot, is that somehow Muslim terrorists have INVADED our military installations. This is not only possible, but it is FACT. There are Muslims in our military. The second thing that comes to mind, IF you are not an idiot, is that our federal government is staging this in order to clamp down further on our freedoms. Finally, you think that someone has lost their shit, but there are at least two people shooting, so that going nuts is kinda UNpossible.

Boiling this post down to one essential theme would be this; if you count on anyone other than yourself for your survival, you are a SHEEPLE. If you trust someone that you have never met, like Barry Obama, for your survival, you are an idiot. At some point in your life, you simply have to take responsibility for your own life and your own family. If you do anything less than this, you are surrendering your life to another, by definition that is SLAVERY. If you desire that subservience for you and your family, FINE, just do not try to drag me and my family down with you. Accept your shackles without forcing others to do the same.

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Dammit, these things just really sent me to the brink of sheer batshittery.

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ChristinaJade said...

Dude. Excellent. Forreals.

I've just reached a never-before-felt level of frustration with all that is going on, and to be honest, I just give. While my "glass is half full" side tells me that everything will be better after the elections next year, my "half empty" side knows the truth, that things are going to get waaaayyyyy worse before we see any real move in the RIGHT direction.

So I stockpile and plan and whatnot so kid and I can get by. What else can a chick do? Dang.

Skunkfeathers said...

I hope, probably beyond reason, for voters that let their brains atrophy in '06-'08, to renew their operation, and THROW THE F***ING LIBS OUT OF CONGRESS IN GREAT BIG FRIGGIN' BATCHES. And then put a big fat foot to Barry's behind in '12.

People have got to wake up to the utter incompetence that liberals exude, and the total detestation they have for the Constitution, freedom, capitalism, profit, success and achievement. All of which denies them the control over everyone that they insist is their right to have and exercise.


Who, me, mad as hell and not gonna take any more?

Andy said...

Yo! I will come back and look at the links in awhile. Bean's Uncle is on CNN with Lou Dobbs...

Critical+Technical said...

I'm shocked to say I agree with you completely 100%. Good post.

Paul Mitchell said...

WOW! C+T, are you coming over to the dark side?

Critical+Technical said...

I guess so, if anyone wants to save me, now's your chance!

The Mayor said...

Great post.

They raised the minimum wage in Ontario a few months ago to $10 an hour. The jobs report came out today for and we lost 43k jobs last month. We were expecting a gain of 10k.

The overwhelming amount of jobs lost were PT.

I can't understand why? I have no idea. None. Zilch.

It is a MYSTERY.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mayor, it always stuns me when these crazy things happen for no particular reasons whatsoever. If only we had some way of understanding why they happen instead of them just being utterly random events not tied to any past occurrence at all.