Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Vladimir Lenin's Birthday!!!

Since today is the birthday of the man that actually brought about the first wave of the Neo-Progressive movement, hows about we all get together to celebrate and act like it is a sad-y, sad, sad time about the EARTH's "health?" I cannot stress exactly how much this Communist Day of Protesting does to damage the intellect of the world, but it is a bunch.

While the founder of Earth Day did not slaughter as many people as the person he honors with this faux protest, Ira Einhorn did pick up the nickname, the Unicorn Killer, on his way to the slammer. Which begs the question, are there ANY leftists that do NOT hate human beings enough to KILL?

Even the Moron President is getting in on the production by lying through his teeth about the very first Earth Day. Of course, this is no surprise because our President is a Democrat and they cannot tell the truth about anything, much less tell the truth about killing people. WHO VOTED FOR THIS IDIOT AND HOW CAN THEY FIND THEIR WAY TO THE DAMN POLLING PLACE?

The WaPo goes into full-on screeching hysteria.

If you would like to know how utterly ridiculous the Earth Day shamfest really is, just check out the ridiculousness of the statements at the very first one. Sound familiar? Of course it does, but the very methodology of the morons flailing is headed in the opposite direction. I know, I know, the very same things are happening, BUT IN REVERSE!!! Our Earth Day concerts are WORKING!!!

Do you know what REALLY helps save Mother Gaia? Technology and the intellect of men of knowledge. INDUSTRY HELPS!!! This is the MANMADE machine that removes helpful bacteria that cleans your raw sewage and allows us to return it to the wild. MAN DID THIS. You see, there is a difference between getting up at the lectern and running your cakehole about something that you do not understand, supporting a death-cult that you do not recognize as such, and spouting anti-human agitprop. (Wow, The Heritage Foundation agrees with me, too!)

In other words, there is a liberal way to approach what you see as a problem and then there is something that is the direct opposite of the liberal way (FAILURE) that ACTUALLY WORKS to solve the problem. Just know, most folks do care about harming the environment, but they want to keep the Earth clean FOR HUMAN USE.

Then there is the 'slippery slope' of the liberal's way of approaching things. KILL ALL OF MANKIND. Why would anyone ever listen to a liberal about anything? Because people do not want to be branded as uncaring or unfeeling.

Think "Earth HOUR." Everyone on the planet got together to turn off their lights for one hour. Luckily they did not do something that was completely futile and idiotic, right? Well, THEY DID. "Earth Hour" actually did more to damage the planet than simply doing NOTHING.

How can I say this? Because if turning off lights for one hour across the globe actually reduced costs or accomplished anything substantial, we would do it everyday. Do you see how that works? Wow! The Mises Institute kinda agrees with me, too.

The fun part about this philosophy is that it can be applied to anything. How about the spread of AIDS? Since those of the folks that are allegedly concerned about the spread of AIDS continue to ignore how it is spread, through homosexual intercourse and intravenous drug usage, they are obviously NOT concerned with stopping the spread. They never have been, they are simply pushing an agenda to normalize BAD BEHAVIOR. Such is the nature of anything liberal, folks.

You can also apply this to the reporting done on ObamaCare. Since this idea is so wildly unpopular with anyone with two brain cells to rub together, the media does not want the Obamessiah's name attached to it. The passage of this huge drain on medical services was never about making medical services CHEAPER, it was about taking from those of us that work and giving stuff to those of us that DO NOT. Democrats MUST buy votes from stupid people that are Hellbent on remaining stupid and useless to MANKIND.

That is also why the Democrats are turning their lunacy toward taking away salt. Of course, outlawing salt entirely is not going to do anything other than slaughter huge numbers of people because it is used for preserving food. And ignore the fact that when they do away with salt, there goes your Power Bar, too. And then we get to be just like the Chinese!

What other things are Democrats going to attack with their wonderful LOGIC? Why of course, they are going to apply their huge intellect to the financial sector. Remember the first Earth Day ideology? "WE ARE GOING TO FREEZE!!!" The financial ideology is going to go down the very same way. In ten years, the exact opposite of what the Democrats thought today is going to be apparent to them.

Instead of simply sitting there and doing nothing, Democrats MUST act upon what they perceive as a crisis. Ignore the FACT that they have never been right on a single issue and every action they take is wrong, let's just blindly follow the dumbest people on Earth, okay?

Wanna see the exact gist of the way that morons look at stuff? How about a very specific example of the way a responsible publication reports hideously bad news from Chrysler v. the way the APee reports it? Is it possible for the APee to get things MORE WRONG? Hey, what about what is going on at Government Motors since the Obamessiah took over, it is has got to be banging out the bucks, right? TOO BIG TO FAIL, you know? Guess what? GM and Chrysler are STILL FAILING. The leftist bailouts of both companies DID NOTHING.

If Barrystream Media outlets would actually report the TRUTH, do you think that Democrats would ever win another election? Of course not, that is not what they are geared to do, they HAVE to have Democrats in office. The reason that I bring this up is because the police forces tasked with security have decided to reduce the AMOUNT of security at Tea Parties because of SHEER lack of violence.

Conclusion: Democrats/Leftists/Liberals LIE about everything. If you are in that ridiculously stupid subset of humans, you are a liar, too. Quit being such a POS and stop trying to kill innocent people.

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RightGirl said...

That's why I come here, Paul - for the slurry porn.


Andy said...

Wendy owns a fake dog. Don't listen to a thing she says.

Mr. Mitchell, the links are all quite helpful. But, I especially like that photo of your new swimming pool. Lovely...

"Vladimir Lenin?" Crap...I thought it was John Lennon's birthday! I'm actually feeling pretty good about myself today. I (without reading anything earlier) thought about the Earth having a mid-life crisis, now that it's finally turning 40 years old.

I'm thinking that the Iceland volcano might be kinda like this buddy of mine that bought a red Corvette.

Paul Mitchell said...

RightGirl, they told me at the sewage plant that you could actually ingest that sludge and it would not hurt you at all. For some strange reason, I was not very hungry right then, though.

Andy, FAKE DOG!!!!

Andy said...

Yeah I know, Paul. It's like the "pot" calling the kettle "negro."


Skunkfeathers said...

Paul, is that honey pot you pictured here libtard grits?

Shore 'nuff looks like 'em...

And ain't that quaint...your word verif is getting into Earf Day with a tree: confer (spelled like a libtard would)

The Mayor said...

She owns a fake blog?

I don't know, I kinda like it...

Andy said...

Yeah I know, Paul. It's like the "pot" calling the kettle "negro."