Monday, May 10, 2010

Drive By Blogging - The Hairy Mole is Missing

I have a confession to make. Ugly chicks just do not do it for me and I gauge chicks by the way they look. You can call me superficial all you want, that is your opinion. I value chicks all the same, it is just that what they think is kinda of lesser importance to the way they look.

You know, science kinda backs my way of thinking up, too. We all know that chicks cannot drive worth a crap, but all the nancy-people have started saying that is "genderish" or some other non-such.

Anyhoo, I like hot chicks and President Moron's SCOTUS pick, Elena Kagan, is ugly as a mud fence. That is ALL the reason that I need to object to her nomination. She is ONLY fifty years old and makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like an SI swimsuit model, so NO! Barry, you have to pick again. I cannot imagine having to look at that ugly broad's mug for the next thirty years.

Oh, sure, we can totally pick apart her nomination on other grounds. The first one would be "What federal building has she attempted to firebomb?" Remember, if someone is a friend of the president, they HATE HATE HATE this country and they are usually a former terrorist and a current Communist.

These traits do not bode well for a SCOTUS justice. I mean really, the last imbecile Barry picked, Sonia Sotomayor, lowered the collective IQ of the Supremes by 160 points, do we really need another idiot on the court?

Full Metal Patriot bullet-points her accomplishments. She could quite possibly be almost as qualified to be a Supreme as she is to be an auto-body repairghoul. Oh great, now I cannot get the image of her in a jumpsuit outta my damned head.

A liberal is pragmatic? Whew boy, I almost ruptured my spleen laughing at that one!!!

I always love reading the ways that the Barrystream Media describes idiots. It is fun to make a bingo card, with some adjectives formerly used only for Jesus Christ, get slipped into the traits of morons.

Oh, she's a lesbian? NO WAY!!! What self-respecting chick would want to get her groove on with Kagan?

Now, she is being compared to Harriet Miers. Even though Harriet was no looker, she was still a 0.4 compared to Kagan's 0.000000000001 in the beauty department. Harriet is 400 BILLION percent more attractive. I still wouldn't be seen in public with Miers anyway.

I'll just say this, the only thing that could make Kagan any uglier is if she wore these glasses.

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Lisa G in NZ said...

I thought the new scotus pick was Paul Blart Mall Cop?

You forgot to mention that big ol' dark colored girl (dunno her name, don't care) named last week as one of "the most beautiful people list" by some whacked lib mag?

need relief? search the web for any of the lovely conservative ladies... better now Paul?

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

My theory is that anyone that ugly HAS to be competent.

Check out this sexy dame, the former PM of New Zealand.

And if you're a fan of the film "The Princess Bride", this will make you laugh

classicaliberal said...

Holy shit, OSO made me laugh!

Trick question, who is uglier: Jaba Napolitano or Alan Kagan?

Second, a minor point, you said: "What self-respecting chick would want to get her groove on with Kagan?" Chick, I believe, is the absolute wrong term. Rosie O'Donnell is not a 'chick.' Rachel Madcow is not a 'chick'. Just trying to clear things up. Carry on.

Lisa G in NZ said...

OSO - that was funny... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh?

Good ol' NZ PM Helen Clark, had a gift of the gab and handles herself expertly withOUT a telemprompter (fyi, that was an old school requirement for a leader: can think on feet / responds truthfully yadda yadda)

Sadly, NZ still respects her, but she is now working at the UN - a wonderful organization, especially concerned with woman's rights in Iran - and has a long history of large scale corruption! neat-o!

alas, Helen... come back to NZ when you're tired of slogging the global new world order caliphate, mmmmm K?

Skunkfeathers said...

Sotomayer was deemed the "most qualified candidate in the last 100 years" by the libtard media; Elena "Yoda" Kagan will be similarly depicted by the obviously esteemed qualifiers like Rachel Madcow and Keith "pop a vein" Olbermann.

None of which know sh** from Shinola.

Funny, tho'...if Dubya had picked either of these two for SCOTUS, the same libtards would have come up with countless reasons to shoot holes in them.

Oh well...ugly ideology requires ugly props to distract from the former.

Andy said...

OSO has a sense of humor! Who knew?

Paul, I'm not a military guy, but I think they call those "birth control glasses."

Paul Mitchell said...

Lisa, I need a Supreme to be hot. That is not TOO much to ask is it? Don't we NEED to fantasize about our judges?

OSO, kudos on the Mel Smith reference. It is uncanny.

Thanks CL, I cannot get that pile outta my head, now. I never wanted to have sex again, EVER.

Skunks, normal people in the Senate need to get the sack to treat the idiot nominees the way that Bork and Thomas were treated.

Andy, I have no clue why they would be called BC glasses, because there is no fear of anyone ever getting laid wearing them. They should instead call them, "No Friend" glasses.

disgruntled said...

I thought it said hairy hole.....

Blew a large iced coffee through my nose.


Paul Mitchell said...

Now y'all see why I begged everyone to NOT talk about this hideous looking creature.

Anonymous said...

'She' is the typical neutered feminazi harpy. Little difference between her and Dawn Johnsen, the last loser TOTUS was considering. If you can't even decide what sex you are, I think being a judge might be a little BEYOND your capabilities? Just sayin. Gotta laugh when some of these broads shrieeeeeek for their abortion rights when they are in absolutely NO danger of anything getting anywhere near their uterus. Blegh.

Full Metal Patriot said...

Thanks for the link!

I thought I had it nailed with my Highlander comparison. That image with the Albino from Princess Bride is WAY too good!

Paul Mitchell said...

Bayouchild, you just got to keep bringing up sex with this woman, huh? I have not eaten in 72 hours and I think that it shall be another 48 before I can actually force myself to eat. Gee, thanks.

FMP, that was a good one.