Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Folks.

On this Mother's Day, I thought that it was important to remind y'all that if you write a "memoirs" to your parent that abandoned you, you might want to include a preface that explains that your WHITE MOTHER did not abandon you. That is, you would write that preface if you had any manners or appreciation for the parent that was NOT a POS. (Really, this someone's mother was a POS, too, but at least she did not abandon her kid.)

Thank goodness that Mother's Day is a "teachable" moment.

Of course, someone that would write a book trashing the parent that never abandoned a child, would probably be seen as someone that was really, really smart and tech savvy. Also, you know that someone that is really tech savvy has made the comment that they CANNOT use Twitter because their fingers cannot use the keyboard on that someone's Crackberry that they just could not do without.

Now we find out that someone that is soooooo smart and tech savvy cannot even use an iPod, when even George W. Bush, the dumbest President in the history of the universe, did just that.

How is it possible that the Smartest President in History© is DUMBER than that DUMBEST President in History? That seems impossible to do, right? NOTHING is impossible for the Smartest President in History©!

Especially when the Smartest President in History© is elected by people that do not even have a basic grasp of the way that money works. The fact that someone wasted one second interviewing Liberals/Progressives on their knowledge of economics PROVES that even the interviewers were dumber than dogshit. If you actually think that any "Progressive" idea or policy will work, please do not try out for Knowledge Bowl, Homer. Plus, you are a threat to yourself and your family because of your stupidity. Please stay away from people, there is a slight possibility that ignorance is contagious. And currently, we have a runaway strain of Dumbassedness making the whole Barry White House ill.

Witness the suggestion of Kevin James for Supreme Court Justice. (Hat-Tip: My buddy, Chris L for the recognition.)

If you are like an unappreciative son that thinks that the electorate is disengaged, you probably have NO CLUE why a three term Senator lost his bid for re-election in the Republican Primary. Methinks that it because the ONLY people that are sick of getting taxed out the wazoo are the folks that are going to do something about it.

Remember, Liberals/Progressives are dumb as dogshit on economics. Wonder which president falls into that subset of dumbasses?

Anyhoo, Happy Mother's Day!

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Red said...

Happy Mother's Day Captain Rant, lol! Keep on keeping it real;-) (Just wait 'til Father's Day)...

Andy said...

Hell, TD! The freakin' 137 year old Queen of England can use a stinkin' Ipod!

Skunkfeathers said...

After getting an Ipod with Barry's dithering blather on it, I bet the Queen ain't picked it up since.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Red. I hope you had a HMD.

Andy, she probably can, President Douchebag gave her one that she had to format right when she got it so she could put interesting stuff on it.

Skunkfeathers, knowing Barry he did not include the charger for it anyway.