Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday Census Visit and Other IMPORTANT Stuff

I S-W-E-A-R this is the dude that just conducted my follow-up census interview. I am NOT kidding. He was not dressed this way, though, I guess he has to keep his REAL identity a secret.

The majority of the questions were race related. SHOCKER. Four times the Super-Hero asked if I was "Hispanic." I can trace none of my family back to Hispania, though, and Super-Hero was muchly disappointed over that fact. He was also very discouraged when I refused to allow him to assign my "race" to anything other than MIXED. Nowhere on this RACE CENSUS were the words, "Caucasoid, Negroid, or Mongoloid," so really RACE was not discussed. Certainly, there were quite a few questions regarding ETHNICITY, but that is a weird thing to want to know for our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA government. And right here in the MELTING POT of the world, you know?

As far as my opinion on the Census issue, I am almost certain that the Founding Fathers of our country and the Framers of the Constitution had no clue what kind of technology would exist in 2010, so the actual ENUMERATION called for in the Constitution should be streamlined to reflect the fact that we now have electricity, telephones, and the internet. At least bring the Census into the nineteenth century, you know?

And I am uncertain to the actual Super-Hero's super powers because I never did figure out who exactly he was. I guess he could have been Dumpy Man, Lack of Enthusiasm Man, or maybe even Yogurt Man because he actually had the shape of yogurt. Miraculously, he actually DROVE from my house to Dewayne's house a WHOLE eight feet away. I am guessing that he is NOT working on his cardio.

I did find out that Census Man's real name was Kent Dorfman. "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Links that I found interesting the last few days.....

in Mr. Dorfman's defense, low-fat diets do not cut health risks.

And here is Mr. Dorfman giving you a heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson. I wept.

Before we get into the MEAT of things today, please check out this article on Cracked and think about what you just read. This is from Cracked, folks, and actually makes all the damned sense in the world. (Hat-Tip: Right Wing News)

NPR decides it is a good idea to have REVERSE Neighborhood Watches to help out the criminals from Mexico in our country. Please keep in mind that National PUBLIC Radio is funded by our tax dollars and are ACTIVELY promoting illegal activity. Make that make sense to me, please?

However, here's what Zo has to say about the criminal Mexicans and Zo receives NO funding from the government and is actually for LESS government. Zo actually supports the government in this endeavor and the government doesn't? Weird.

Full Metal Patriot might not post as much as I would like, but dang it when he does, it is always good. Here he is talking about the criminal Mexican violence.

Andy proved his mettle this morning by giving us all an idea for getting the illegal Mexicans out of our country. True attempts at problem solving are awesome.

On the continuing lies published about the racist Congressional Black Caucus' claims of racial epithets shouted at the Kill the Bill Rally in DC, we keep getting more and more evidence. At some point, the normal people shall have had a bellyful of the lies and racist distortions from the left and then we will have race riots again. But, the way that those shall wind up is anyone's guess.

The Barrystream Media still cannot come up with a reason that Fieval Shaman tried to blow up Times Square. Here's a little help. Barry Obama has had a FULL YEAR to get a handle on the Muslim terrorist problem, but still he is a feckless idiot.

Instead of being a problem-solving president, Barry Obama has become a problem-CAUSING one. Of course, intelligent people knew that Obama was a buffoon years ago and there was PLENTY of evidence of that FACT.

I laughed at this "playground" uncontrollably because I was involved in something much like this when I was in architecture school. Of course ours turned out better if you can believe that. (It wouldn't take much, though.)

Wall Street/economy link number one.

Wall Street/economy link number two

Klavan on the economy.

"Healthcare" link number one.

"Healthcare" link number two. (I hate to say "I told you so," but, I told you so.)

I could go on and on, but alas, I have to learn how to run a hugely advanced piece of software TODAY and somehow produce a hugely advanced drawing by Monday morning. Chances are slim, too. But, I do not miss deadlines.

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JMK said...

My brain froze on the phrase "reverse neighborhood watch."

I'm trying to figure out EXAVTLY how that might work. And you're right, facilitating, even merely encouraging a criminal act can be prosecuted.

Despite the fact that over 70% of Americans demand better border security, we've had a defacto "open border" policy in effect for over three decades now.

How democratic is THAT?!

Skunkfeathers said...

Lessee...revoise neighbo'hood watch...iffen youse see a crime by an illegal..ignore it?

That must be's how a libtard's mind processes crap.

I love how Klavan and Zo get it, and Barry, Bela Pelosi, Dodd, Fwank, et al, don't.

Andy said...

TD, I didn't get back to read this until this morning. Your census interview literally made me spill my coffee! Thanks!

You know, the guy is right about out of whatck expectations ruining personal lives, finances, even families.

Jim said...

Great post, the Zo video is awesome.

Paul Mitchell said...

JMK, I cannot even get my brain to work that way. It seems contrary to our very survival, huh?

Skunkfeathers, Klavan and Zo both keep getting better.

Andy, that guy was the most unmotivated person I had ever met. And I have met some very unmotivated people in my life. I am guessing that he is just not cut for employment.

Jim, Zo has a knack for getting to the meat of things. Too bad that everyone cannot see his stuff.