Saturday, May 08, 2010

Um, Okay, Two Things

The blargs that I read daily are making a big stinking deal about two things today and I need to get my four dollars and eighty-seven cents in on the deal.

Number One: Nancy Pelosi opened up her hideous looking piehole and said, "It is cheaper to treat teens for drug usage than interdict drugs at the border." Everyone is making like she is NOT correct. She IS. But, neither is going to STOP the drug problem in the United States though.

To stop illegal activity at the border of Mexico is NEVER going to happen with the current government in place. Forget it, it is NOT going to happen.

In order to stop drug usage, you have to remove the DEMAND and even if you take the current supply of users out of the economic cycle, there will still be more DEMANDERS until you make drug usage so painful and terrible that no one will ever want to do it. When problem solving, solve the damned problem, do not attack a symptom.

The answer to the drug problem if you want to STOP it is to start executing the people that use drugs. Trust me, it shall only take two or three executions until the usage stops. Then the drug SUPPLIERS cannot make money slinging dope and they will stop producing them.

You're welcome. Feel free to use my solution at no cost at all.

Number Two: Scarlett Johansson, "We all drank the Kool-Aid." She was at the White House Correspondents Dinner and that was her response. Watch it.

We already KNEW they drank the Kool-Aid. What is the big deal, folks? Do you actually think that ScarJo has an IQ exceeding her bra size? She is an "actress." Thinking that she would actually say something intelligent is like expecting Emmit Smith to pronounce "manipulate." AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Similarity between Scarlette and Rosie O'D opening pieholes:

Stupid sh** can be counted on to come out.

Diff between Scarlette and Rosie O'D opening piehole:

Scarlette is look-at-able; Rosie is an eye abortion.

Paul Mitchell said...

I'll tell you another thing, too Skunkfeathers. I have never paid to see Rosie do anything. And I'll never pay to see Ironman II, either.

Andy said...

TD, I'm still going to go with legalizing drugs as a better way to stop the drugland violence.

I know a lot of people don't agree. But, I will say without doubt that the most harmful drug we have in this nation is alcohol...and almost nobody will even talk about making it illegal.

So, I say, either make it all legal, or make it all illegal. Dump a load, or get off the pot...

Just my twenty-five cents.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, by the same token, you could just legalize the violence and then not worry about the drugs, right?

Andy said...

Apples and oranges.

I'm just saying...until we are willing to make ALL drugs illegal, we're two-faced.

Since we do not want Sharia-like government...well...

The war on drugs has cost bazillions, and we have lost it. It is not winnable.

Look, you've heard all the arguments on, free choice, etc. You know the drill.


Andy said...

Look, when I said "apples and oranges," I may not have been clear.

Violence related to the drug trade is completely different from the violence one perpetrates on themselves by abusing drugs.

If someone wants to abuse themselves, it is none of my business. But, the violence surrounding the "illegal" drug trade spills over, and innocent people are harmed.

I don't have the figures in front of me, but I would wager that more innocent people are killed due to alcohol yearly than all of the other drug-related violence combined.

So, like I said...we are two-faced by not outlawing booze. I'm not for it...I'm just saying that we are.

Maybe if we executed drunk drivers...

Paul Mitchell said...

I am not making arguments on drugs in general, I am making arguments on us allowing Congress and our state legislatures that make ridiculous laws that they have no intention of enforcing. Until the population decides they are no longer going to put up with it, like Arizona did recently, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. Make the elected officials ENFORCE the laws that they make and then they might stop making stupid laws.

But, deny the fact that if you want people to stop using drugs, killing drug users would not reduce the number of drug users. That is my point. When problem solving, never take anything off the table.

ie, We are NOT going to raise taxes. BUT! e are going to continue to blow money like a three year old in a candy store. Ignore the fact that those can never work. Put all the solutions on the table.

Like, if a Congressman passes a "healthcare" bill that destroys our medical services, he should be FORCED to join, too.

Same thing with alcohol, if you want to stop drunk driving, kill a few drunk drivers. Solutions? ON THE TABLE.

Andy said...

"But, deny the fact that if you want people to stop using drugs, killing drug users would not reduce the number of drug users."

I will not deny that. Maybe I missed the point of the post. I am old, and extremely slow-brained these days.

It works! That's why there are no homosexuals in Iran...

When I read the post, I was just thinking how "foreign" to my view of life, humankind, etc. the idea of executing drug users is...and how we split hairs about what is a drug, and what is not.

And, I was thinking about how miserable it must be to live under Sharia, or even the Old Testament Levitical Law.

I guess I was thinking too much and missed the point that "all" solutions should be on the table.

Now that I have been enlightened, I can agree in el todo that legislators are buffoons, that vote for all kinds of crazy mishmash that they hope will never be enforced, and don't have a stinkin' clue about how problems are really solved.

You are one day going to be forced to realize that I am not the sage, highly intellectual, and wise man that you think I am. It will hurt for a few days, but you will get over it.

Andy said...

"We are much the same, but the exact opposite."

True. I could not have said it mo' better.

But one thing we share in common is a repulsion for Rosie.

I am a softy. But, I do not love everybody equally. The only ONE I ever knew that did was Jesus. And, I for sure ain't Him.

Paul Mitchell said...

Jesus? You have to be more specific these days. Do you mean the one that got hit by the car the other day, the one that has a sitcom on television, or the one that is illegally here from Mexico?

Andy said...

Watch your tongue, young man!